Zone File Information – Verisign

The daily zone count numbers provided on this website may not be comparable to numbers we disclose elsewhere. For example, the number of domain names disclosed in our Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and Annual Reports on Form 10-K, which are available in the Investor Relations section of our website, includes active domain names and […]

The Verisign Owned .Tv Registry Takes Back Another Expired .Tv Domain Name, This Time Auctions.Tv | The Domains

In the last few days another expired .tv domain was set to drop, but instead of allowing the domain to drop, the .Tv registry took the domain back. The domain name is and if you look up the whois today you will see it is now reserved by the. TV registry.Domain Name: AUCTIONS.TV Registrar: […] Outraged Over ICANN Giving VeriSign Monopoly

“I personally don’t have a problem with VeriSign making a fair profit, but that’s not what we’re talking about here,” Parsons said. “I have a big problem with VeriSign’s windfall profits being accomplished outside of the free enterprise system in which the rest of us must compete. I find it particularly outrageous that because of […]

Wholesale price for .com domains could hit $10.29 by 2016 – Domain Name Wire

Surely if it was sent out to competitive bid this would be done for about $200 million or so a year. But that’s not going to happen. Why VeriSign runs .net at $5.11 a year but so much more for .com, with almost 10x as many domains, just doesn’t make sense. Like I’ve said many […] case sends warning to all Canadian websites: Geist –

The domain name was registered in Canada with Vancouver-based DomainClip. In past years, registering a domain name with a non-U.S. registrar and avoiding U.S. servers was viewed as sufficient to fall outside U.S. jurisdiction. In the case, State of Maryland prosecutors were able to obtain a warrant ordering Verisign, the company that ultimately manages […]