Google Denied Claim to Domain Name | PCWorld Business Center was registered on Feb. 7 1999 by Christopher Neuman, who was 13 years old at the time, and has remained in his ownership until now, Neuman told the arbitration forum. He chose to register because he had become acquainted with another young software programmer named Justin Tunney, who used the online moniker “Oogle” […]

How We Got Sal (

But why
According to the Whois info, was registered October 28, 2010. That’s only a few weeks after Google announced a $2M prize to Khan Academy as part of their Project 10^100 and about a month and half after Sal’s F…

Flickr + RSS = Flickrss

[Update: 122109 Did these guys beat me to it or what!, Can’t imagine the domain name is going to help them, but… great site.]
Hear me out now. Sure, one of the most obvious mistakes a domain noob can make is … [visit site to …