Why I Don’t Price Domain Names in End User Sales Emails | Elliot’s Blog

When I am looking to sell a domain name, I have generally done my due diligence to know what the domain name is likely worth in optimal conditions, what it is worth for a quick sale, and what it’s worth if I want to dump the name quickly. Clearly, I want to sell the domain […]

Two Sample End-User Emails I’ve Used To Generate Interest | DomainAnimal

Email 1 [First Name], As Project Director for the National Center for [Keyword Keyword], I’m reaching out to ask whether you or anyone in your immediate or extended network would like to own the domain name [KeywordKeyword.net]. Please let me know your thoughts. If someone you know can use this domain, I’m willing to part […]

Advice to Find an End User Buyer | Elliot’s Blog

There are several steps to this, and obviously each is important: Do a site:website.com search on Google using the company’s website (can be the primary website or another website the company uses. This will allow you to see all of the company’s website pages indexed in Google. via Advice to Find an End User Buyer […]

How I turned a $200 purchase into a $2,000 sale in 14 days (Part 3: The Negotiation/ Sale) | The Life of Jacob Fedosky

This is the third and final post in a short series detailing how I bought UsedWeddingDresses.com for $200 and sold it exactly 2 weeks later for $2,000. The names and emails have been changed but the text you read is exactly what was exchanged. Welcome back! If you missed the first two parts in the […]

Another Way to Use End User Lead Generation Website | Elliot’s Blog

I don’t know what number would be considered adequate, but I would think 20+ leads means you’d have a solid chance of finding a buyer. You might also want to see if those similar domain names are developed and who owns them. If a company understands that a descriptive, keyword domain name will have value […]