Tip To Find a Domain Buyer Contact Email | Elliot’s Blog

That said, it seems that most operational websites, especially those with an ecommerce component, have a privacy page. Many of these privacy pages are created by privacy policy page generators, which means many have one thing in common: a contact email address. This can be used to quickly and easily get in touch with the […]

That offer you just got for your domain is the highest you’ll ever get – Domain Name Wire

But I think the opposite is more often the case. You turn down an offer on a domain, only to wish later that you would have accepted it. I can think of a couple cases off the top of my head. One in particular was MusicPhones.com. Back in 2007 I got a nice offer for […]

Sample Craig’s List Ad that Produced a Sale in New York City

The following advertisement that was placed in Manhattan found a buyer, which visited the domain on Sedo to purchase the domain. Since then, I made some adjustments on my sales approach to refer buyers to a third part domain sales platform. The sales p…

My Spreadsheet for Tracking End-User Sales

I have received a lot of interest in how I approach end-users over the last year. If you haven’t yet downloaded my domain sales letter you might want to grab it as it is an essential part of the process. Today I thought I would share with my readers …