Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain

Customer trust — Consumers have grown used to the existing set of domains, and with that familiarity comes trust. The new domains are unknown and may cause potential customers to hesitate before establishing a relationship with a site with an unfamiliar gTLD. A recent study found that consumers are in fact wary of the new […]

ICANN’s Boondoggle – Technology Review

But now ICANN is itself a monopoly. It has the freedom to mint new gTLDs and incorporate them into the “root zone file,” the master list that matches human-readable URLs (such as with the numeric Internet Protocol addresses that are used to route packets between computers. And it’s employing this freedom to orchestrate the […]

Xavier Buck: Why Generic TLDs Will Fail

Some of the new generic top level domains (gTLDs) will succeed, but most will fail if they don’t follow the advice Xavier Buck recommends in this interview. Learn how Buck became the “king of ccTLDs” by offering customers the most comprehensive collection of country code top level domains, and how his developing ecosystem affords insights […]

Alt Text: Stupid New Domain Names and What They Really Mean for Web

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced hundreds of possible new top-level domain names last week, which is great because clearly we need more unqualified successes along the lines of .mobi, .xxx and .travel. The wave of new possible new web addresses has nothing to do, ICANN assures us, with pocketing millions of […] won’t offer domain names to the public – Domain Name Wire

I just reviewed eight of the company’s applications, and each one has similar language explaining who can register a second level domain under them: only and its subsidiaries. …Amazon and its subsidiaries will be the only eligible registrants… Now I can certainly see how this would be the case for something like .fire, since […]

From application to use: How the Internet will get new domain name suffixes – The Washington Post

Here’s what happens now: THE CHALLENGES: The public will have 60 days to comment on the proposals. There’s also a seven-month window to file an objection, such as a claim of trademark violation. THE LOGISTICS: Because of the high number of proposals, ICANN will review them in groups of about 500. There’s a lottery-like system […]

Amazon Just Spent Millions Applying For Domain Names. Why? – Forbes

There are also a number of large-scale speculators betting that gTLDs may be the Internet’s next big gold mine. One such speculator, a company called Donuts, applied for 307 separate domains – at a cost of nearly $57 million. “Donuts registered very benign, generic names. They’re betting everything on black and they’re hoping this goes,” […]

Reveal Day and Why New Top-Level Domains Are Irrelevant

It is certainly true that the 1400 potential new TLDs will change the way billions around the Earth will use and commercially interact with the Internet. Just as the past five years have seen the Internet vernacular come to include country code TLDs like .ly, .co and .es, the next five will likely see us […]

The 10 strangest domain name proposals | Fox News

.WTF: One domain name registrar is betting dollars to donuts on this off-color TLD. applied for 307 new domains in the latest roll-out and believes it can offer a fresh choice for web users. “Finding a usable Internet address is a real problem,” Donuts CEO Paul Stahura said. “The Internet was opened for worldwide […]

Google Applies For 101 New gTLD’s; Amazon 77; Microsoft 11; Apple 1 | The Domains

Apple only applied for .Apple Here are the new gTLD’s that Microsoft applied for: AZURE BING DOCS HOTMAIL LIVE MICROSOFT OFFICE SKYDRIVE SKYPE WINDOWS XBOX Here are the new gTLD’s that Amazon Applied for: AMAZON APP AUDIBLE AUTHOR AWS via Google Applies For 101 New gTLD’s; Amazon 77; Microsoft 11; Apple 1 | The Domains.