Meet Page Howe, He Made Millions Selling 2 Of The World’s Most Expensive Domain Names In The Same Year – Business Insider

In 2002, Howe’s company sold all but 20 of the 4,000 domains. It kept and The following year, Howe began playing around on a forum for domain sellers, He’d scroll through all the names people didn’t want as he tried to cheaply build up his portfolio again. “There were maybe 15 good […]

Zappy’s Proven Process to Extract Maximum Value from Domain Names – With Michael Zapolin

Michael “Zappy” Zapolin has a track record of notable online business successes. Among them are purchasing for $80,000 and for $300,000 – and then later selling each for $7+ million. In this master class-like interview, Zappy walks us through his methodology for building maximum value in premium, generic, category-killer domain names though his […]

WordPress Vanity Email Plugin Provides New Path to Domain Name Revenue

Entrepreneurs can monetize a domain name in many ways: cash parking, affiliate links, ecommerce, advertising, even lead generation. In this interview learn about an easy new way to generate revenue – by using a WordPress plugin to sell email addresses on a domain name. via WordPress Vanity Email Plugin Provides New Path to Domain Name […]

Due Diligence for Domain Names, Websites and Services

In this video, you will learn: Why due diligence is important Factors to consider in domain name due diligence Factors to consider in due diligence for buying a prebuilt website Factors to consider in website service e.g., SEO, design, development, coding due diligence Recommended articles and interviews to learn more Why you should not buy […]

Rent-to-Own a Domain Name for Your Business – DomainSherpa

Adam Paddock is the founder of, a service that offers rent-to-own options for premium domains by providing safe and secure transaction support for domain buyers and sellers. Paddock also is the founder of (sold in 2009) and has consulted for years in search engine optimization. via Rent-to-Own a Domain Name for Your Business.

Mark Collier: The 17-Year-Old Who Correlated Domain Names to High Search Rankings

Many people openly state that exact match domain names are worth more because they can get your website to the top of the search engine results. But this commonly espoused belief has rarely been backed up by real data…until today. Seventeen-year-old wunderkind Mark Collier has not only secured a substantial amount of data from various […]

How to Build a Drop Ship Website

Forget building affiliate sites. Build a drop ship website on your premium, generic-keyword domain name and rank at the top of search engines in an uber-targeted niche. That’s exactly what did starting in 2002 (under the CSN Stores brand), building out more than 200 niche websites like and Today, sells more […]

Michael Goldfarb: All The Secrets of Domain Name Registrars

In the normal domain name registration world of up-sell, cross-sell and too much selling, NameSilo distinguishes themselves from all other domain name registrars by NOT doing what everyone else does. Co-founder Michael Goldfarb discusses what “the catch” is and how NameSilo is able to offer every domain name add-on – such as privacy, protection and […]

Howard Neu: Beat a UDRP by Having a Legitimate Business Interest

In this interview, Internet attorney Howard Neu, who successfully represented Rick Schwartz in the UDRP case, discusses: What, exactly, a UDRP is The requirements of a complainant to win a UDRP What you are doing today that might be considered “bad faith” How the UDRP was so easily defended How, Inc. could […]

Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity

Learn how entrepreneur Adam Dicker purchased more than 3,000 domain names related to reputation repair, including the most keyword-rich premium domain names – such as, and – and how he built his business into a $150,000-per-month venture. via Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity.

David Wieland: The Entrepreneur Who Successfully Exited Two Companies and Is Building His Next with Domain Names

Developing websites is no easy task. But when you do it for every one of your 9,500 domain names, you start to get a system down. In fact, David Wieland built his own system – named – from the ground up so he could be more efficient in website development. Now he’s offering his […]

What Startups Need To Know About Domain Names

More than 500,000 businesses are registered in the United States every year, with magnitudes more being contemplated and planned. As technology advances, more and more businesses are focused entirely online or at least need to be found online. What do startups and entrepreneurs need to know about domain names? Find out in this interview with […]