Suckerfish, Mashitup, Bitch and Other Names Banned by Google Apps | Wired Enterprise |

When the folks at Bitch Magazine decided to take off into Google’s cloud, they were quickly brought down to Earth. The culprit: an opaque Google censorship system that simply won’t let you register certain domains for its e-mail, web hosting, and groupware service. Bitch Magazine — a feminist magazine that’s been publishing out of San […]

In A Case That Can Change The PPC Industry, A Federal Appeals Court Allows Rosetta Stone’s TM Case Against Google To Move Forward | The Domains

In what might be a ground breaking case that could shake up the entire PPC industry, the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit Monday reversed a lower court’s ruling allowing Rosetta Stone’s trademark infringement suit against Google to continue. Rosetta Stone filed suit in 2009 accusing Google of committing trademark infringement by selling […]

Android Mobile Phones Outsell iPhones in the U.S.

A Nielsen Wire blog post broke the news that for the first time Android mobile phones (powered by Google) have outsold the iPhone in the United States this year.  In fact, Android sales are really heating up worldwide with almost a 900% increase in sa…

Domain Names Podcast Episode 19 with Perry Marshall, Google AdWords Guru!

As promised a few weeks back I have just finished interviewing my mate Perry Marshall who I consider to be one the worlds leading authorities on the subject of Google AdWords. I have learned a great deal from him over the years regarding Google AdWords and my AdWords Consulting business would not be where it is today if it were not for his help and guidance…

Domain Names Podcast Episode 18 with Andrew Miller from

My guest today on Domain Names Podcast is Andrew Miller co-founder & President of Internet Real Estate Group one of the men behind (along with Zappy Zapolin) leading internet brands such as,,,,,, and many many more…

Getting To The Top Of Google Isn't Going To Matter

According to Internet Czar Robert Scoble: “The writing is on the wall. Small business marketing is moving away from focusing on SEO. Why do I say that? Because, well, Google and Bing are changing the rules so often and are getting so good at figuring out the real businesses that deserve to be on pages. Search Half Moon Bay Sushiand you get real answers from sites that didn’t focus on SEO. Yeah,