GoDaddy masks expired domain whois to prevent auction circumvention – Domain Name Wire has started masking contact information in whois records of expired domains in an effort to prevent people from circumventing auctions and bothering domain owners. The move, which the company announced today, is aimed at cutting down on email domain investors send to owners of expired domains. Domain investors see an expired domain auction for […]

Go Daddy Auction policy on 42 vs 45 days explained – Hybrid Domainer

Paul Nicks said, “On the 42nd day we will cancel the domain name if no other customer has expressed an interest in it via either the auction system or a Go Daddy backorder. If, however, a customer has expressed an interest via either of these platforms we will move the domain to their account on […]

Go Daddy suspending accounts of those who contact buyers after auction – Hybrid Domainer

Thursday night someone called me and told me a friend got their account suspended. Namepros member Steven22 posted on Namepros that he got his account suspended. Here is his post: “I just got called from my Godaddy rep and those idiots are suspending my GD auctions account because they think I had contacted the previous […] gets sold but Go Daddy will see no money – Hybrid Domainer

We posted over one month ago about why we stopped posting auction results, this week was the illustration of why. Brad was on the opposite end of the table when he won the same day the auction closed. Brad posted: “Well, I won and it was just renewed. It appears a forum […]