How to Snatch an Expiring Domain – Brad Frost | Andrew Allemann | Mike Davidson

Following a thread that starts here: Capture failed. “It couldn’t be!” I thought to myself, as I opened a new tab and visited My stomach sank as I saw a domain parking landing page stuffed with ads… That Andrew Allemann on picked up. How Most People See Domain Investors Revisited by Brad […] Sales report – First 6 months of 2013 report. |

Domain Sale Price $6,000 $15,000 $4,500 $4,000 $19,000 $75,000    $8,000    $5,000    $69,000    $3,000    $41,000    $4,000    $28,500    $6,500    $7,500    $60,000    $15,000      $25,000      $4,000    $5,000    $3,400      $3,300      $25,000    $8,800    $4,900      $8,050 […]

InternetTraffic becomes more flexible for smaller portfolios – Hybrid Domainer

With Frank opening the platform to more and more domainers that don’t possess the big time parking revenue the $500 threshold to get paid seemed daunting. Now that InternetTraffic has added a paypal option, I emailed John Smrekar and he told me that the min payout for Paypal is $100, even though the terms of […]

I Give Up, Google Wins | Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online: Domain Names and Making Money Online

So after reading many articles about how great Frank Schilling’s new service was, I decided to give it a try. offers a combination of domain parking and domain brokerage. It has only been 2 weeks so far, but my results have been great. I will make around $2500 this month from domain parking, […]

Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic is Revolutionary Not Because of App But Because You Are In Control | Domain Shane

Then comes Internet Traffic. Not only do they pay for parking but they build a back end to manage my inquiries, both past and present, but they let me create templates to test out my negotiations and the wording that yield the best results. It’s everything I wish I could have done and more. I […]

Here comes the greatest Internet landgrab in history | Internet & Media – CNET News

ICANN tomorrow will reveal who is going after what new domain extensions, paving the way for a very different looking Web. Prepare for dot-madness. Frank Schilling made his fortune in the aftermath of the dot-com bust, buying up thousands of domain names others didn’t want. He kept at it, aggressively building a portfolio of more […]

STFO! Frank Schilling grabs and other domains | DomainGang

Examples of domains won by Frank Schilling and his team on NameJet in the past two weeks, include the following: – Acronym for Stay the Fuck Out, a nice LLLL .com at only $210. – If you go on vacation to Greece, swimming in the nude won’t give you those – a bargain […]

Google in-house AFD Goes Away – Monetization of TRAFFIC at GOOG more ALIVE than Ever! « Seven Mile Blog

Welp, its official: Google has shut down its in-house Domain channel. AFD direct through Google is gone!~ Before the handwringing outsiders and the misinformed begin to spout inaccuracies like “domain traffic is dead!” or “it’s a Facebook and Twitter world so abandon your names you delusional old-timers!”, let me take this opportunity to tell […]

Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales MarketPlace Goes Live | Domain Shane

My favorite part of the site lies to the left. A live update of domain inquiries coming through and sold domains. The numbers aren’t exact for privacy reasons but having information about what domains are selling for and what domains are getting bids is priceless even if the numbers aren’t exact. I can’t think of […]

Tis The Season: Frank Schilling Bets $90K To Make Hay Where The Sun Shines

Frank Schilling’s NAMedia is the new owner of in direct competition with his pal Kevin Ham’s Black I know that I got both moguls attention the past two years with posts challenging them to move towards customer capture …

Rick Latona Launches Vino (.com)

Following the treat of delicious rum cakes from the maverick of domains, Frank Schilling, I was pleased to find the FedEx guy showing up with a couple of choice wines from the maestro of domains, Rick Latona.The wines were from his native Georgia and part of the launch of Latona-owned The site is very slick and impressive and is the first of a string of in-house Latona-owned domains