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Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to hand registering a brandable domain is to remember the idea is that someone (maybe even you) is going to eventually build a brand with that name. If that’s the case, I think it’s very important to also reserve the matching Twitter username. Social media is a massive part of company branding these days and this could make or break your sale. In fact, I’ve heard of sales of brandable domain names falling through because the buyer preferred a name that had the matching Twitter handle.

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Two press releases out this morning announcing partnerships in the domain industry. and announced:

“”Sedo, the online domain marketplace, and Moniker(R), a leading domain name registrar, auction house and brokerage, today announced an expansion of their partnership that will enable users to search for both new and previously registered domains in one convenient location.

Breaking: Names As Being The Worst On Its “Top 50 Bad Hosts & Networks” | The Domains which publishes a quarterly list of the of the “Top 50 Bad Hosts & Networks” just published its report for the  3rd Quarter of 2011 and of 39,056 servers they analyze they named the owner of, as the worse in the world.

“”The HostExploit Top 50 Bad Hosts & Networks series and related quarterly reports is our way of contributing to the fight against cybercrime. Our aim is to raise awareness about where badness is being hosted and to provide a means for hosts to benchmark the cleanness of their service against others in the industry.””

You can’t blame Rick Schwartz for unrealistic expectations – HybridDomainer

When you take a look at the Traffic auction, there were some decent bids not accepted. received a $200,000 bid.  The asking price was $800,000.  This is not a good worldwide economy, the notion that a city of 1.3 million would sell for $300,000 more than, a country of 192 million plus is fantasy imo.  $200,000 was a very good bid, the seller can do whatever they like but don’t blame TRAFFIC. $750,000 bid received.  The asking price was $4,000,000. This is not 2007 from Time World in October of 2010,

Buy It, Improve It, Flip It – With Thomas Smale

While in college, Thomas Smale was looking for a way to earn extra cash. When he stumbled upon the concept of buying websites that needed work and reselling them for a profit, he realized he had found his niche. His first website flip returned $500 on an investment of $100; now Smale is co-owner of a business that brokers and flips websites, grossing $1 million in annual revenue.

In this show, Smale shares his insider tips for flipping websites – from finding undervalued assets, to improving them, to determining valuation, to ultimately selling them to another person.

In Campaign 2012, Web sites are the new real estate – The Washington Post

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A Washington Post analysis of federal campaign spending reports shows that President Obama and Romney spent thousands
of dollars this summer at Go­

Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee reported spending a combined $8,065 at this year, and Romney’s campaign reported spending $12,097 on domains. (Of that, Romney’s campaign spent $9,061 buying domains previously owned by his Free & Strong America PAC, since the names cannot be transferred.) Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) reported spending $208 with companies that sell domains, and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the race in August, reported spending $668.

The Perry campaign said it had not bought many domains; it reported no such expenditures in its campaign finance report filed last week.

Breaking: Afternic Domains to be Listed on Go Daddy Registration Path – Domain Name Wire

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What about the other way?
Fixed price Afternic listings to be featured on Go Daddy registration path.
Customers who sell domain names through Afternic are about to get a lot more exposure.
Afternic has struck a deal with Go Daddy to …

The Book of Morons, Trolls, Shills and Blah, Blah, Blah! As Only Rick Can Tell it! – The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog………Home of the “Domain King”

This is what I can promise. This will be the single most exciting live domain auction that you have seen. I have sat in the audience for each and every live auction. I know why folks fall asleep; why they leave early; why they don’t pay attention. Wthin the first few minutes EVERY person in that room is going to know, understand and watch something unfold that they are going to love. And to show you how much confidence I have in the outcome, the next session following the auction is “Meeting of the Chiefs” and the #1 subject will be the auction, the results, the good, the bad, the ugly.

Rod Beckstrom | More domain names should lower prices, increase innovation – Technology –

You have said opening up gTLDs will increase competition and reduce prices. Is that the idea behind the move?

Web rules: Beckstrom says there is a set of rules to determine which applications could go through and the qualifications for applicants. Photo: Ramesh Pathania/Mint

Web rules: Beckstrom says there is a set of rules to determine which applications could go through and the qualifications for applicants. Photo: Ramesh Pathania/Mint

We think it should reduce prices (of domain names) because there will be more choices and because the new operators can choose their prices where they wish to. We also think there could be very significant innovations coming out, and it’s hard to forecast where those are going to go. But every time in the history of technology you create a new opening, you have innovations. People use technology in the most creative way and this is the most significant opening at the top level in the history (of the Internet). So, how it is going to mix with media, how it is going to mix with IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), and having so many devices of different types, it would be very interesting.

If Nobody In a Crowded Room Agrees With You and You Call them Ignorant, You Might Have it Backwards | Domain Shane

I scan sales results every single day.  I too want to try and ride a trend.  Trading has taught me to “buy the rumor, sell the news”  and this applies to domains very well.  I want to sell to trend chasers because trends usually become fads and fads come and go.  You can make money on fads but it’s much harder to make a buck than with a domain that truly represents the future.  Future trends need time to develop.

Recent Domain Acquisitions | Elliot’s Blog – Bought the website and domain name, which sees around 12,000 visitors a month right now. – My Dad owns a retail store, and when I went to the New York International Gift Fair in August, the one thing he wanted me to look for was a line of nightlights in the $20-30 range. These make popular gifts and retail anywhere from $5 – $100, depending on the nightlight. Probably will re-sell instead of develop.

The Volokh Conspiracy » The Question Is Whether “Kafkaesque” or “Orwellian” is the Appropriate Adjective:

Prof. Mark Lemley is representing the owner of the seized domains, which is encouraging — Lemley’s an outstanding lawyer, and the court will hear good arguments why the seizure process is both outrageous and unconstitutional. Tops Sales List With Six-Figure Sale

Domain Name Journal was the only reported six-figure sale in the two weeks to 11 September according to Domain Name Journal. The domain sold for $120,000 through Latona’s Secret Newsletter.

Second-biggest sale was, selling for $75,000 in a private sale while third was, which sold for $50,500 and was Sedo’s top entry for the two week sales chart.

Of the 41 sales (a tie for 40th place) there were 22 Sedo sales and six Afternic sales. Of the TLDs, there were 30 .COM sales, eight ccTLD sales and the remainder from other gTLDs.

To see the list of top reported sales for the fortnight to 11 September, as compiled by Domain Name Journal, check out