Amazon will shutter Quidsi, owner of | CNET

Amazon will shutter Quidsi, owner of The company confirmed Wednesday it plans to shut down its Quidsi business, after Amazon struggled to make it profitable over the past seven years. Bloomberg first reported the change. Amazon bought Quidsi in 2011 for $545 million. The business runs seven specialty retail sites:,,,, […]

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back | freeCodeCamp

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back For several days not so long ago, — the domain name that I have owned and operated since March of 2010 — did not belong to me, but rather to a man who goes by the name “bahbouh” on an auction website called […]

Martin Shkreli keeps buying up the personal domain names of journalists who write about him | Business Insider

Martin Shkreli keeps buying up the personal domain names of journalists who write about him Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is trolling journalists who have written about him by purchasing the internet domains associated with their names.

And Now A PREDATOR To Fight DNS Domain Abuse | DARKReading

They described the tool as an evolution of existing domain reputation systems that work by first observing domain use and then assigning a reputation score to it based on type of content hosted and other factors. The goal with PREDATOR is to equip security professional and domain registrars with the ability to do such reputation […]

Domain inquiries : Quotes are valid for 3 business days |

I’ve now changed the rules of my commitment to a quote, and all domain quotes are valid for 3 business days. I am not willing to wait out on such byzantine scenarios of “behind the scenes” negotiations. At the same time, I will be making any inquiries agree to a statement that they are personally […]

Why Domain Extensions Matter for Online Success | Interbrand

Can the right—or wrong—domain extension impact your brand’s online success?As it turns out, it probably does. The results of Interbrand’s U.S. study indicate that the right domain extension may be just as important as the right domain name when it comes to branding a memorable and effective web address. A few of the highlights from […]

GoDaddy accounts vulnerable to social engineering and Photoshop | CSO Online

“If [the attackers] wanted to be slick about it, they could gain access, insert their code, create backdoor admin accounts, and return access back to the original owner before they even knew what had happened. The owner would receive the confirmation email, see that their website is still online, and consider it a Phishing attack […]

We Have Acquired Here’s How and Why We Did It

Deciding on transparency for buying the domain We then had a long discussion about how to go about possibly acquiring, after just having established contact with its owners. We asked some mentors for advice and also Googled about the topic. We found a few articles from domain acquirer experts and stories of how they […]

Dock Name: Crowdsourced Domain Name Finder for Startup

More precisely, according to the website, “Dock Name is a crowdsourced service that helps startups find a domain name, by describing their business/product and get proposals from people that have suitable domains for their needs.” Dock Name allows people to promote their domain name requests, which is how the company makes money. via Dock Name: […]

At Art Basel, A Collector Just Bought This URL For $5,000 | Fast Company

But what Gorczynski’s camp sold isn’t a painting, or a sculpture, or even what one might consider a traditional installation. It is a digital piece of multimedia hosted on a URL, Its selling price, purportedly the first of its kind at a major international art festival, is $5,000. “After Dark,” pictured above on the […]

DNIB and Domain Name Industry Brief – Verisign

Domain Name Industry Brief The second quarter of 2014 closed with a base of 280 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), an increase of four million domain names, or 1.4 percent over the first quarter of 2014. Registrations have grown by 18.6 million, or 7.2 percent, year over year.1 via DNIB and […]

How to Snatch an Expiring Domain – Brad Frost | Andrew Allemann | Mike Davidson

Following a thread that starts here: Capture failed. “It couldn’t be!” I thought to myself, as I opened a new tab and visited My stomach sank as I saw a domain parking landing page stuffed with ads… That Andrew Allemann on picked up. How Most People See Domain Investors Revisited by Brad […]

Frank Schilling Wins UDRP On; Complainant Didn’t Like The 89K Price

Frank Schilling’s Name Administration won a UDRP on the domain name who was defended as usual by John Berryhill. The complaint was brought by Julie Wampler of Washington, D.C. back on September 15th who runs a blog at and got a trademark on the term TABLE FOR TWO on March 13, 2013. The […]

New Research: Keyword domains still work, despite what Google says | CanIRank Blog

KEY FINDINGS Using each of these data points, we can put together a fairly nuanced picture of how keyword domains perform differently than non-keyword domains. Keyword domains rank on average 11% higher than brandable domains Brandable domains needed an average of 40,000 more links to hit #1, and 35,000 more links to reach the Top 10 […]

Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain

Customer trust — Consumers have grown used to the existing set of domains, and with that familiarity comes trust. The new domains are unknown and may cause potential customers to hesitate before establishing a relationship with a site with an unfamiliar gTLD. A recent study found that consumers are in fact wary of the new […]