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I scan well over a hundred domain blogs each day looking for articles I think could help domainers grow their business. I didn’t start domaining until around 2005 so most of the articles I pick would benefit someone getting started rather than someone with a large portfolio of valuable names. I usually post enough of the story to whet one’s appetite for more, but to see the whole story you’ll have to click the “Link to Full Story” link. If you find an excerpt from one of your posts on my blog and you don’t want it there, please let me know and I’ll refrain from posting excerpts from your blog. OTOH, if you would like to ‘guest aggregate’, or if you would like to know how to set up your own hand-picked aggregator, drop me a line or hit me in the comments.

I blog about my aggregation experiment and trying to turn it into a business at Readerss.com.

Hey! Welcome to the second version of Domainerss.com. What’s going on here? Well, I aggregate a LOT of content around domain name keywords, then I select the stories and articles that seem most relevant and interesting. It’s human-powered news aggregation. It’s not for everybody. If you’re a professional domainer you probably have your own feed reader full of domain blogs–you wouldn’t want to miss a thing. But if you’re a web designer, developer, internet marketer or just curious,  Domainerss.com will bring the latest breaking domain name related stories and news, without taking up a lot of your time.

The new version  of the site allows comments. Sure you can (and maybe should) go to the Full Story source link and leave a comment. But, as someone interested in domaining, you can also comment here. Over time we may see some sort of community evolve.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any comments, complaints or suggestions, please leave them in a comment box, or send them to me, john@readerss.com



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