Michelin Guide Obviously Not Happy About Prank Website, Michel In Guides – Website of the Day – Eater National

Oops: the good people over at the Michelin Guides did not register the domain name michelinguides.com, or let it lapse, or something, and now it’s part of a soccer joke. A British prankster named Adam Mascall purchased the name for a mere £6 US $9.42, and then proceeded to put up what he is calling […]

Apple’s AppStore.com makes stealth Super Bowl debut | Apple – CNET News

Apple may not have its own Super Bowl ad today, but the company quietly launched a new product effort during someone else’s ad spot. At the end of the commercial for the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness” film, Paramount flashed a quick promotion for its iOS app, complete with an AppStore.com link that takes people […]