Just completed my first sale via the Intenet Traffic platform | Acro.net – A Domain Investing Blog by Acroplex®

While I managed the sale myself, without the use of a broker, the platform’s messaging system and ability to track a variety of metrics greatly assisted in this sale. The agreement was achieved on November 6th, but the buyer was extremely slow in completing their part of the deal; it took them two weeks to […]

Rings.com, Roofs.com, Slogans.com Among Dozens of Others Available for Lease – The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog RicksBlog.com

1. Must be a dot com. 2. Must clearly state & define the product or service being sold. 3. Must be easy to pronounce & therefore pass the radio test. 4. Must not be longer than necessary, the shorter the better. 5. Must be about a product or service that is in demand & being […]

I want the .com and I want it cheap | Acro.net – A Domain Investing Blog by Acroplex®

Some inquiries do deliver an amount of entertainment, such as the one that states “that’s all I can afford – $100“. The dot com they inquired about is taken in every major TLD, including dashed versions and extended variations, which I found using ZFBot.com. Frank Schilling’s DNS panel makes it a cinch to search for […]

Woman Who Lost Lawsuit for Squatting on Man’s Personal Name Forced to Pay Plaintiff’s Legal Fees Too

A lot of people have had UDRPs filed against them or been sued for registering a domain based on a celebrity’s name. However, under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ACPA, a person doesn’t have to be a celebrity for you to get in trouble if you register their name as a domain, then try to […]

GiftBasket.com domain sells for $350,000 – Domain Name Wire

Domain name broker FindYourDomain.com is reporting its second six figure domain name sale in less than a week. Today the company announced the sale of GiftBasket.com for $350,000. The domain forwards to WineGiftBaskets.com. The buyer is the owner of WineGiftBaskets.com, and the domain now forwards to the wine domain. …Last week the company announced the […]

Why I removed my entire domain portfolio from Sedo | Acro.net

Sedo’s decision to enforce the use of SedoMLS partnership with GoDaddy, leading to an onslaught of lowball offers with zero communication with the buyer. Sedo refused to remove these domains from GoDaddy, citing that I’m bound to terms (that did not exist) when I signed up with Sedo, in 2004. Sedo increased their sales fees […]

Shouldn’t Sales Commissions Be Coming Down ? – Hybrid Domainer

Did domainers need this partnership at the expense of a 20 % commission ? I would say no as most domainers already have a Go Daddy account and can sell their for 10 %. The fact that there was no opt out to this program expansion has had some domainers pulling their names from Sedo. […]

Get Paid Faster With Go Daddy Premium Domain Listing Sales | Elliot’s Blog

According to an email from my Account Executive, there are now other payment options, which will help get sellers paid more quickly. In the email from Brad Larson, “we have sped up the payment process for the Premium Domain Listings sold on GoDaddy.com. It’s ok to stop and smile. Instead of waiting to receive a […]

Zappy’s Proven Process to Extract Maximum Value from Domain Names – With Michael Zapolin

Michael “Zappy” Zapolin has a track record of notable online business successes. Among them are purchasing Beer.com for $80,000 and Diamond.com for $300,000 – and then later selling each for $7+ million. In this master class-like interview, Zappy walks us through his methodology for building maximum value in premium, generic, category-killer domain names though his […]

Yolo.com Sold Recently for Over $29,000 This Month to Cupid PLC | Domain Shane

Now on to the price. It was a private sale but I can guarantee is was higher than $29K. I would imagine it would be in the low to mid six figures merely for the fact that Cupid has cash. The company is publicly traded and is currently valued at $247 million US. They’ve used […]

Internet News from Howard Neu, the Internet Lawyer

Howard Neu, “the Internet Lawyer” and co-founder of the Premier Domain Conference, T.R.A.F.F.I.C., announces that he has teamed up with renowned Federal Litigation Attorney, Roger Teich on a new web site http://DomainLegalTeam.com. “This is a one-stop site for all your legal needs, from UDRP and ACPA litigation to transfers, contracts, escrow agreements, leases, tax ramifications, […]

Suckerfish, Mashitup, Bitch and Other Names Banned by Google Apps | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

When the folks at Bitch Magazine decided to take off into Google’s cloud, they were quickly brought down to Earth. The culprit: an opaque Google censorship system that simply won’t let you register certain domains for its e-mail, web hosting, and groupware service. Bitch Magazine — a feminist magazine that’s been publishing out of San […]

GoDaddy masks expired domain whois to prevent auction circumvention – Domain Name Wire

GoDaddy.com has started masking contact information in whois records of expired domains in an effort to prevent people from circumventing auctions and bothering domain owners. The move, which the company announced today, is aimed at cutting down on email domain investors send to owners of expired domains. Domain investors see an expired domain auction for […]

WordPress Vanity Email Plugin Provides New Path to Domain Name Revenue

Entrepreneurs can monetize a domain name in many ways: cash parking, affiliate links, ecommerce, advertising, even lead generation. In this interview learn about an easy new way to generate revenue – by using a WordPress plugin to sell email addresses on a domain name. via WordPress Vanity Email Plugin Provides New Path to Domain Name […]

PayPal Revises Terms: Any Dispute Gets Decided By PayPal & Funds Are NOT FDIC Insured | The Domains

This update to the User Agreement effective November 1, 2012 contains changes that affect how claims you and PayPal have against each other are resolved (see Disputes with PayPal below).” “You will, with limited exception, be required to submit claims you have against PayPal to binding and final arbitration, unless you opt out of the […]

Earnings Stats from Parking: A Single IDN Earns Over $500/Daily Revenue

GM: I am a modest domain portfolio owner, counting less than 1,000 domains, and all IDNs – and I find that my parking revenue easily pays for my renewals. So I thought I would reach out to ParkingCrew, a parking company, to find out if it’s just me. Nico Zeifang GM: Thank you Nico for […]

The many issues facing Nominet’s forthcoming launch of .uk

The Issue The internet is big business and hugely important to the UK economy (8.3% of GDP) It’s all based on domain names such as example.co.uk Most businesses use .co.uk, and 93% of UK names are .co.uk Nominet now proposes the release of .uk domain names (e.g. example.uk) for the first time. You can see […]

I Give Up, Google Wins | Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online: Domain Names and Making Money Online

So after reading many articles about how great Frank Schilling’s new internettraffic.com service was, I decided to give it a try. Internettraffic.com offers a combination of domain parking and domain brokerage. It has only been 2 weeks so far, but my results have been great. I will make around $2500 this month from domain parking, […]