If you are selling at Sedo and Go Daddy you need to read this forum thread – Hybrid Domainer

As of this week all Sedo’s Make Offer listings are now listed on Godaddy with a $60 minimum offer (Unless seller has a higher preset minimum offer) Read Article Since the beginning of the year Sedo’s Buy Now listings have been listed on Godaddy but not the Make Offer listings. Even if you haven’t signed […]

Platinum.com Strikes Gold – Tops This Week’s Chart After Changing Hands in One of the Year’s Five Biggest Domain Sales

This week’s top five was rounded out by a trio of .coms sold at three different venues. DomainAdvisors.com used the DomainNameSales platform to sell #3 Kipi.com for $47,500, The AfternicDLS drew $36,720 for #4 CESC.com and Sedo secured $30,702 for #5 WandTattoos.com. via Platinum.com Strikes Gold – Tops This Week’s Chart After Changing Hands in […]

Create Escrow.com Sale Buttons | Elliot’s Blog

There are a number of people who use for sale landing pages on their domain names. Typically, these landing pages have some sort of large “for sale” notice along with information about how to complete the transaction. I just learned that you can create a button at Escrow.com that will automatically set up a transaction […]

Due Diligence for Domain Names, Websites and Services

In this video, you will learn: Why due diligence is important Factors to consider in domain name due diligence Factors to consider in due diligence for buying a prebuilt website Factors to consider in website service e.g., SEO, design, development, coding due diligence Recommended articles and interviews to learn more Why you should not buy […]