Cold calls: Get on the damn phone! | – A Domain Investing Blog by Acroplex®

Today’s mini lesson in domain investment, is about making cold calls. Did your palms get all sweaty suddenly, at the mere mention of picking up the phone and calling someone? There is hope, even for the most shy and timid among you. Practice makes perfect, and the best way to practice is by getting on […]

The Domain Game Changes from “Passive” to “Aggressive”…Have you Changed? –

I am currently leasing many domains as businesses with an exit plan. I plan to add one new one this week with one partner and add several with another. They outperform PPC and it has a growth potential which was not available before. The sites are simple. Look for leads to match with folks that […]’s Syrian domain name: Could the company be violating U.S. sanctions? – Slate Magazine is no doubt unfortunate to be in this situation. It presumably didn’t intend to break sanctions and seemingly didn’t even know that it might be violating sanctions until Slate approached it. Nevertheless, its use of a Syrian domain name has gone from being in questionable taste to being of questionable legality. Where this leaves […]

Should You Compete On Price When Selling Domains? | DomainAnimal

Take for example, someone interested in starting a new dating website. A broker presents them with the following three choices, Are any of these “have to haves”? Although different to a degree, I would say that in the final equation none of these domains are differentiated enough from each other to really […]

Why I Don’t Price Domain Names in End User Sales Emails | Elliot’s Blog

When I am looking to sell a domain name, I have generally done my due diligence to know what the domain name is likely worth in optimal conditions, what it is worth for a quick sale, and what it’s worth if I want to dump the name quickly. Clearly, I want to sell the domain […]

UDRP Panel Rules in Favor of Domain Holder On Gripe Site: | The Domains

The Panel finds as a matter of fact from the evidence that the Disputed Domain Name is being used as a noncommercial criticism site. Panel agrees with the Respondent that the addition of the term “review” implies a lack of association with the Complainant as a review is customarily written by someone unassociated with the […]

Two Sample End-User Emails I’ve Used To Generate Interest | DomainAnimal

Email 1 [First Name], As Project Director for the National Center for [Keyword Keyword], I’m reaching out to ask whether you or anyone in your immediate or extended network would like to own the domain name []. Please let me know your thoughts. If someone you know can use this domain, I’m willing to part […]

The Paypal Chargeback Scam- How domain SELLERS can get scammed AussieDomainer

Here’s how the scam works: 1. A seller makes a sale for a non-tangible good, such as a domain name or a website. 2. The buyer pays in full over Paypal 3. The seller sends his website/domain name and everyone is happy- positive feedback all around! 4. A couple of months pass, then the seller […]

Rent-to-Own a Domain Name for Your Business – DomainSherpa

Adam Paddock is the founder of, a service that offers rent-to-own options for premium domains by providing safe and secure transaction support for domain buyers and sellers. Paddock also is the founder of (sold in 2009) and has consulted for years in search engine optimization. via Rent-to-Own a Domain Name for Your Business.

What’s A Brand, Anyway? The Story of | Xconomy

More telling of the transition’s success is our direct traffic, which represents the number of people finding us by directly typing our domain into their browser’s address bar. Our direct traffic is up 105 percent over last year and, by April, our direct traffic and revenue exceeded that of December, which is amazing for a […]

Advice to Find an End User Buyer | Elliot’s Blog

There are several steps to this, and obviously each is important: Do a search on Google using the company’s website (can be the primary website or another website the company uses. This will allow you to see all of the company’s website pages indexed in Google. via Advice to Find an End User Buyer […]

7 Quick Tips for a Seller in a Domain Name Negotiation | Domain Shane

2. Act just short of offended but don’t be an ass. No matter what the offer, counter with higher. Act disappointed with the offer even if you’ve already called your wife and giggled like a school girl. Nobody starts a negotiation with the top number so most likely there is a little more to be […]

Top Tips for Sellers from a Flippa Co-Founder at Affiliate Summit East | Flippa Blog | Buy & Sell Websites

1. Where is the content coming from? One of the most important aspects of any web site or blog is the content that makes up the site. At the end of the day your content needs to speak for itself and provide value to the user and their site experience. Whether you are personally writing […]

The Complete Guide To Where You Can Sell Your Domain Names – Hybrid Domainer

Well done! There are a lot of places to sell your domain name, in this guide we will try to give you all the info you need to start listing your domains and giving them maximum exposure. We will also look at the pro’s and con’s of listing everywhere and what you need to keep […]

Congressmen quiz ICE over domain seizures | DomainIncite – Domain Name News & Opinion

“Much of Dajaz1′s information was lawful,” the letter reads. “Despite this, DHS and the Department of Justice suppressed this website for more than a year.” The Congressmen say that “if a website’s domain is seized, it needs to be given meaningful due process that comports to the US Constitution and US law”. Operation In Our […]

It Should Have No Bearing On My Post Purchase Attitude…But it Does | Domain Shane

“Hey, I bought that in a private sale, how would anyone even know I just bought it? I haven’t said anything except to one person who I bragged about my good buy” I emailed back Andrew Alleman who was one of the emailers and asked how he knew about it. He said it was on […]