Email use for a domain is a valid response to UDRP claims | DomainGang

A UDRP over at the National Arbitration Forum was turned down, for the domain name There are a couple of reasons why the Respondent won the case, despite the existing trademark by the Complainant. Firstly, the domain’s registration of 1998 predates the trademark. But most importantly, the Respondent used the domain – but not […]

Zone File Information – Verisign

The daily zone count numbers provided on this website may not be comparable to numbers we disclose elsewhere. For example, the number of domain names disclosed in our Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and Annual Reports on Form 10-K, which are available in the Investor Relations section of our website, includes active domain names and […] covered on Tech Crunch, The seller told his story on Namepros – Hybrid Domainer

You can read the full story on Tech Crunch here The previous owner came to Namepros last year looking for advice. I’ve been negotiating for almost a year with a start-up who want to buy, we’ve arrived at 35K, I’m a little ambivalent but in this market I think its probably realistic, I had […]

Google Denied Claim to Domain Name | PCWorld Business Center was registered on Feb. 7 1999 by Christopher Neuman, who was 13 years old at the time, and has remained in his ownership until now, Neuman told the arbitration forum. He chose to register because he had become acquainted with another young software programmer named Justin Tunney, who used the online moniker “Oogle” […]

Internet News from Howard Neu, the Internet Lawyer

The dastardly rip-off property owners suffer when affiliate networks get free branding on valuable domains and websites can only be perpetrated if it is permitted to continue. Those who have successfully taken it up the tailpipe until the little payouts begin are not likely to give up their few dollars per click or lead in […]

New type of Flippa scam or old trick used on eBay? | DomainGang

The domain is placed high in Google searches, and it contains several pages of information on the phentermine substance, with one “Buy Phentermine” call to action banner that links to note the spelling. The latter is a web site in St. Petersburg, Russia, that sells those pills. It seems that the only reason this […]

Let’s Face It; Generic .Me Auction, It Was A Bust | The Domains

Probably they’re saving their cash for .lol “The result are very disappointing – Brands-and-Jingles is regularly selling .ME names in the range $5k-$50k.”“This auction failed to recognize the value of some great names like or ”“I guess we just didn’t manage to get the [right] buyers for some yet unknown reasons.”Here are the […]

How to Build a Drop Ship Website

Forget building affiliate sites. Build a drop ship website on your premium, generic-keyword domain name and rank at the top of search engines in an uber-targeted niche. That’s exactly what did starting in 2002 (under the CSN Stores brand), building out more than 200 niche websites like and Today, sells more […]

Michael Goldfarb: All The Secrets of Domain Name Registrars

In the normal domain name registration world of up-sell, cross-sell and too much selling, NameSilo distinguishes themselves from all other domain name registrars by NOT doing what everyone else does. Co-founder Michael Goldfarb discusses what “the catch” is and how NameSilo is able to offer every domain name add-on – such as privacy, protection and […]

Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online

Eric Borgos publishes his sales and income data. 2011 Sales: $2,845,231 (mainly from selling domains) Net income: $ 1,544,782 2010 Sales: $ 1,350,845 Net income: $ 285,086 2009 Sales: $ 1,230,587 Net income: $ 186,197 2008 Sales: $ 1,896,990 Net income: $ 106,547 2007 Sales: $2,355,023 Net income: $ 91,179 2006 Sales: $2,800,744 Net income: […]

The Frager Factor: Rich McComas Sells 6 Months Later It’s A Call-to-Action Advocacy Campaign From Pfizer

Advocacy domains for pharmaceutical call-to-action campaigns are in high demand. We congratulate our friend and maverick content writer Rich McComas on this sale indirectly to Pfizer most likely at a steal via a surrogate for them San Francisco Attorney James Weiss on behalf of Mark Monitor late last year. Now six months later the domain […]

Typosquatter slapped with $1 million lawsuit for allegedly harvesting emails | Data loss prevention – InfoWorld

The email honeypot technique puts a new twist on typosquatting, which is commonly used by scammers to divert clumsy-fingered users to bogus sites after they mistype a URL. Researchers at security think tank Godai Group demonstrated late last year how effective this tactic can be: They set up their own email servers using various doppelganger […]

Howard Neu: Beat a UDRP by Having a Legitimate Business Interest

In this interview, Internet attorney Howard Neu, who successfully represented Rick Schwartz in the UDRP case, discusses: What, exactly, a UDRP is The requirements of a complainant to win a UDRP What you are doing today that might be considered “bad faith” How the UDRP was so easily defended How, Inc. could […] Lost In A UDRP Despite Pending Federal Court Case: Asking $1M For A Domain Is Bad Faith | The Domains

How could this happen? How does someone qualify to become part of the UDRP process? Idiotic. In a case that should be VERY troubling for all domain holders the a one member UDRP panel just awarded the domain name to a Vanity Shop of Grand Forks, Inc, a trademark holder, despite the fact that […]’s domain power play: We want to control them all | Internet & Media – CNET News

If gets its way — and that’s still a big “if” — it will soon control 76 new domain extensions on the Internet. Most observers had expected the company to apply for .amazon and .kindle, but it seems that was just for starters: Amazon’s ambitions also include a host of generic terms, including the […]

As States Act To Shut Down Deceptive Website, Durbin Says For-Profit Colleges “Own Every Lobbyist” In DC | Republic Report

On Wednesday, 20 state attorneys general announced a court settlement with QuinStreet Inc., a marketing company working for for-profit colleges, that will shut down the deceptive website and turn that web address over to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs., until recently, looked a lot like a government website. But people who went […]