Lost To “The Transfer Of A Domain Is Equivalent To A New Registration” | The Domains

Unbelievable. At the time there was no indication who filed the UDRP seeking control of the domain, but the decision has just been issued and the complainant is, LLC. And guess what? just took the generic domain name away from the domain holder based off a Trademark for eLEGALSUPPLY.COM which was filed […]

Internet Evolution – Beau Brendler – The Whois Database May Finally Get an Overhaul

I want to be clear: I am not saying the privacy/proxy industry has bought off free speech advocates. But any activist considering taking refuge behind an anonymous domain registered at Domains by Proxy may want to consider the story of Gordon Lyon and NoDaddy to remedy any doubt that privacy protection is nothing but business […]

If Your Buyers are Going To Lie, You Might As Well Lie Right Back | Domain Shane

Good one! “Before I buy the dot net I wanted to check the price of your domain” Response: Thank you in advance for reminding me that I forgot to register the dot net OR Thank you in advance for the free traffic you will be giving my dot com. It is a proven fact that […]

Jeweler sues for cybersquatting – Domain Name Wire

Have it coming in spades, IMO. Thanks DomainNameWire for covering this. Jewelry company Tacori Enterprises has sued in U.S. District Court for cybersquatting. Tacori alleges pdf that is cybersquatting with at least six domain names: Tacori alleges that “is a serial cybersquatter who registers, uses, and […]

Wow Now The UDRP Thing Is Officially Crazy As A Complaint Is Filed Against A Fully Developed Site | The Domains

The word Vanity has 27,900,000 results on Google so it’s an often used word. The UDRP is well out of control now, where those wanting to acquire a domain name that is unavailable due to use or price, are now taking a risk free shot at grabbing the domain name from its lawful owner. We […]

Feds Tie Themselves In Legal Knots Arguing For Domain Forfeiture In Rojadirecta Case | Techdirt

The implications here are staggering. Basically, the feds are arguing that they can seize and then forfeit a domain without showing any crime actually happened. Instead, all they need to do is vaguely assert that someone, somewhere may have possibly violated a law somehow using the domain in the process — but they never have […]

David Wieland: The Entrepreneur Who Successfully Exited Two Companies and Is Building His Next with Domain Names

Developing websites is no easy task. But when you do it for every one of your 9,500 domain names, you start to get a system down. In fact, David Wieland built his own system – named – from the ground up so he could be more efficient in website development. Now he’s offering his […]

Domainer Alton Flanders Beats Back UDRP ON | The Domains

“Generally speaking, although a trademark can form a basis for a UDRP action under the first element irrespective of its date. . .when a domain name is registered by the respondent before the complainant’s relied-upon trademark right is shown to have been first established whether on a registered or unregistered basis, the registration of the […]

Marchex Wins UDRP On | The Domains

Norcross is a city in Georgia Today Marchex the domain holder represented by John Berryhill won a three member panel UDRP decision on the domain name. At the time we didn’t know who filed the UDRP but it was the Norcross Corporation who had a Trademark on the term Norcross since 1969 The decision contains […]

My Top 10 Domain Purchases, The Prices I paid. The $$$ they earned. The New Ones I am Buying. – The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog………Home of the “Domain King”

#4 Sex in Spanish. Next to, is my #2 earner. With a cost of $10,000, has earned nearly $2 Million. #5 One of my very best bargains. Paid $1000 for it and has earned that in as little as 5 days or as much as 30 days. I estimate total […]

Building A Directory Site Just Got Easier – AppThemes Releases WordPress Vantage Directory Theme | Morgan Linton

Vantage is a Directory theme, and in typical AppThemes form it really is more than a theme, it’s a full featured Directory Platform that you can get up and running in minutes using WordPress. I have been using WooThemes Listings in the past but have found some limitations to this and after my previous experiences […]

Lewis & Lin Defends from UDRP Filed by Johnson & Johnson | Elliot’s Blog

While the respondent conceded that J&J does have rights to the Tucks trademark, they argued five points in defense of the domain name. These points include that it’s a dictionary term, “Tuck” is a common last name, the name was owned for many years without incident, the owner had no intent to sell it to […]

Dot Tv wraps up one of its best months ever in the aftermarket – Hybrid Domainer

Jim Holleran sold (Doctor in Spanish) for $10,000 and for $10,000. Telepathy Inc. sold for $25,000. Donnied79 from sold for $9500. Jeff Overman who has become a star in the .tv market, sold and for $3500 total. Ronnie McKenna a long time Scottish .tv investor sold for […]

FairWinds’ Counsel Steve Levy Marks 100 UDRP Victories – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee

WASHINGTON, April 24, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Steve Levy, Counsel for FairWinds Partners, the leading digital name strategy analysis and advisory firm, recently marked his 100th successful Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) decision in favor of a FairWinds client. These UDRP decisions are part of FairWinds’ string of unbroken successes in recovering domain names via […]

Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours | Internet & Media – CNET News

The next time you find yourself pounding your keyboard in frustration because the domain name you want is already taken, direct your ire toward Mike Mann. Mann is one of the longest members of the clubby world of domain speculators, and he’s buying up names in force these days. And not all on the aftermarket, […]

I make $5,000+ per month with Google’s Adsense program – AMAA : IAmA

Wow! And check out all the hyphens in those domains! HatTip to DomainShane Obviously you’ve probably seen the “I make $500/month on Google’s Adsense program” already. I did too, which prompted the creation of this thread. I started by creating a few sites several years ago, then went around buying a bunch of web properties. […]

How Go Daddy Keeps 52 Million Domains Running » Data Center Knowledge

PHOENIX – You may know Go Daddy primarily for its edgy and humorous Super Bowl ads. But when it comes to the Internet infrastructure supporting the 52 million domain names it manages, Go Daddy is all business. “We handle 10 billion DNS queries a day,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “A good chunk of […]