Patent troll goes after GoDaddy in latest suit – Domain Name Wire

The Go Daddy Group has a large patent portfolio to use for defensive purposes. It has successfully used its patents to settle a suit brought by in the past. But patent challenges from trolls are difficult to defend against since it’s unlikely the troll is infringing any of the defendant’s patents. After all, it […] Sells $1.25 Million In Domains | The Domains $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 via Sells $1.25 Million In Domains | The Domains.

Domain Names Podcast Episode 30 – Do you want to sell that? |

This one is all about building to sell. It’s crucial that you have the end in mind whenever you buy a domain. Always have an exit strategy, even if it is to simply let go of those worthless domains you’ve been hoarding just in case. It’s time to face reality folks. Edwin Hayward via Domain […]

DELAWARE: The domain game | The Daily Times |

When Robert Hughes decided it was time to get his business on the Web, he figured the domain name ought to simply reflect the name of his business: When Angelica Clemmer opened her store in Rehoboth Beach, she had the same straightforward instinct, and decided on But when they went to register the […]

Is “Double Dipping” Acceptable? | Elliot’s Blog

“Double dipping” is where an intermediary (can be a broker or marketplace) takes a percentage commission from the buyer of a domain name as well as the seller, and each person believes he is the only entity paying the commission. Similarly, this can also mean the broker or intermediary is pocketing the difference between a […]

Bill McClure: How to Build a Successful, Diversified, Family-run Business –

Bill McClure is not a newcomer to the domain name industry. Years ago he bought and built and and then sold them to FTD. Over his many years of acquiring, building and selling businesses, he has learned one simple fact: You can always trust your family. Listen along as Bill discusses how he […]

iPad case maker loses dead-on-arrival domain dispute – Domain Name Wire

The owner of the domain didn’t bother to respond, but the panelist still determined that had no case. The panelist didn’t consider finding reverse domain name hijacking, although this is a classic case of someone filing a UDRP dispute in bad faith. via iPad case maker loses dead-on-arrival domain dispute – Domain Name […]

Don’t think like a domainer, think like a developer – Tech DomainerTech Domainer

An example is the domain name Although a great name, it received almost no traffic when parked. As a developed website, it is now the 2nd result on page in Google when search. Thus, this site is now making $2-4 dollars a day on average. Doesn’t sound like much, but imagine 1,000 sites making […]

We Beat Back Sony’s Attempt to Register A Trademark On A Domain We Own; | The Domains

Is there an ‘Alert’ service that lets you know when a phrase that matches one of your domains gets a Trademark application? We Beat Back Sony’s Attempt to Register A Trademark On A Domain We Own; 2012 March 31 by Michael H. Berkens We just took on one of the biggest company’s in the […] – Website for Sale on Flippa: Muscle building site Generate tons of Revenue!

Sold for #3k at Flippa. Lots of great ideas and info at the Flippa site for domainers. This is a clickbank product that I have had for a while now. This site is already a PR2 and Has generated me over 14k in 2011 alone! Also, For whomever the winner of this great site is. […] Outraged Over ICANN Giving VeriSign Monopoly

“I personally don’t have a problem with VeriSign making a fair profit, but that’s not what we’re talking about here,” Parsons said. “I have a big problem with VeriSign’s windfall profits being accomplished outside of the free enterprise system in which the rest of us must compete. I find it particularly outrageous that because of […]

Wholesale price for .com domains could hit $10.29 by 2016 – Domain Name Wire

Surely if it was sent out to competitive bid this would be done for about $200 million or so a year. But that’s not going to happen. Why VeriSign runs .net at $5.11 a year but so much more for .com, with almost 10x as many domains, just doesn’t make sense. Like I’ve said many […] domain name sold – Domain Name Wire

Domain Name Wire: Why did you decide to buy in particular? 1. one of my favorite cities 2. ‘cool factor’, music/tech scene, and overall national exposure are trending up nicely, making this a growth play on a flourishing city 3. the only top 15 city .com that didn’t have an optimized site 4. It […]

Shane Wells: How I Went from $50,000 to More Than $250,000 in Sales Per Year

It’s relatively straightforward to build a geodomain into a directory or blog. But where most people fall short in making their venture a successful business is the sales process. That’s because many would-be entrepreneurs loathe the idea of selling advertising, directory listings and leads. Shane Wells, on the other hand, loves to sell. His enthusiasm […]

Are Go Daddy Premium Listings Still Necessary?

As you can see, the listings follow slightly different formats. The Premium listing allows a user to add the domain directly to their cart for purchase, whereas the Auction listing must first be viewed on a separate page The Premium listing displays the price in big block letters, whereas the Auction listing displays the price […]

Domain Names Podcast Episode 29 – No Brainer Tip | Domain Names – Domain Name News – Domain Names Podcast |

There’s a lot to talk about this week. is for sale on flippa, lots of domain news, and Ed shares his “no brainer tip!” via Domain Names Podcast Episode 29 – No Brainer Tip | Domain Names – Domain Name News – Domain Names Podcast |