Google in-house AFD Goes Away – Monetization of TRAFFIC at GOOG more ALIVE than Ever! « Seven Mile Blog

Welp, its official: Google has shut down its in-house Domain channel. AFD direct through Google is gone!~ Before the handwringing outsiders and the misinformed begin to spout inaccuracies like “domain traffic is dead!” or “it’s a Facebook and Twitter world so abandon your names you delusional old-timers!”, let me take this opportunity to tell […]

Here’s Why I Am Doing Most of My New Sites on Blogger | Domain Shane

That a handful of ‘Frank Schilling types’ own giant swaths of the domain space can actually work to your advantage: The chances of competition from the .com are extremely low, and these guys have too many names to develop and are not motivated to sell. You’ll notice one of my plant sites is Dot […]

After a Transfer, Make Sure Whois Information is Accurate | Elliot’s Blog

When you buy a domain name and transfer it to a new registrar, I strongly recommend you do a Whois search to be sure that you actually are listed as the registrant. It can take up to 24 hours for the new information to be reflected, but it’s important to note. If the information is […]

Jennifer Manz: From Parked Page to Profitable Business in 3 Months

How do you take a domain name with a single parked page and turn it into a 10,000-page profitable, local online community guide in three months?Jennifer Manz of Mannix Marketing shares the content and marketing strategies that made – an $8 hand-registered domain name run by three full-time equivalent employees – profitable after only […]

How to Know if You Should Renew Your Domain Name? | Bill Hartzer

Bonus Question: Is there a BackOrder on the Domain Name? If you think you have a good domain name, but you’re just not sure whether or not you should renew the domain name or now, check to see if anyone else has placed a backorder on the domain name. If there is a backorder or […]

Three Ways Marketers can Use Domains | Domain Holdings Inc. |

Don’t Double Pay For Your Social Campaigns When you are driving people into your Facebook page, you are accomplishing a digital campaign. What you aren’t doing is owning that traffic … and the insights that go with it. However, Facebook will happily sell you the data you helped drive to your Facebook promotional page. There […]

Why a Winning Bidder May Become a Non Paying Bidder | Elliot’s Blog

One slimy tactic I’ve witnessed and heard about are people who agree to buy a domain name (whether it’s at an auction, aftermarket venue, or private acquisition), and before paying, they try to sell the domain name to other companies. If they can’t find a buyer for the domain name at a profitable level, they […]

Domain Names Podcast Episode 25 Domaining Stuff | Domain Names – Domain Name News – Domain Names Podcast |

Ed and Danny talk about domain conferences and how the best stuff happens at the bar. If handled the right way, you can approach anyone in the domain industry and get them to help you, but there is a right way to do it. Danny has some tips on how to successfully approach buying domains […]

Domain Holder Loses UDRP On If You Own a “Sucks” Name You Better Have Content | The Domains

“However, even assuming the assertion is correct, and Respondent never had an intent to secure commercial gain from the domain name, the “parked” website remains a commercial website with click-through opportunities to existing businesses and is not a noncommercial or fair use of the domain name despite the lack of monetary enrichment to Respondent.” “As […]

CitizenHawk INC, Online Brand Protection – CitizenHawk in Aliso Viejo CA

CitizenHawk was established with a single-minded focus: to protect companies’ brands on the Internet while helping ensure they receive the online traffic – and collect the revenues — they’ve rightfully earned. We do it by efficiently and securely managing their various domains, by continually monitoring the web to expose typosquatters and other cyberscammers preying on […]

What minimum google exact match search number for a product keyword would be good to build an ecommerce store around? |

In an email conversation I had with Rob Monster of Epik a few years ago, he suggested (based on Estibot) a minimum of 500 exact match searches with a value of at least $1 per click, or a combined value of at least $500. See also: Morgan Linton recommends 1000 exact matches and a […]

Another Way to Use End User Lead Generation Website | Elliot’s Blog

I don’t know what number would be considered adequate, but I would think 20+ leads means you’d have a solid chance of finding a buyer. You might also want to see if those similar domain names are developed and who owns them. If a company understands that a descriptive, keyword domain name will have value […]

4 ways to prevent domain name hijacking | ITworld

4. Request DNSSEC from your registrar. DNSSEC—which adds security extensions to your Domain Name System—won’t prevent domain name hijacking, but it’s the only technology known to guarantee that once a user clicks on a link to your website, he or she won’t be hijacked between the time they click and the time they reach your […]

Startup America Partnership Rebrands Website to S.CO – San Antonio Express-News

The Startup America Partnership today announced that it has rebranded from to the short, memorable web address, making it easier than ever for startups to find the site, register and access more than $1.2 Billion in partner offerings focused on helping them grow. Thanks to a new partnership with .CO Internet, registered Startup […]

Eight Clever Things You Can Do with Your Underused Personal Domain Name

Use Your Domain as a Better Vanity URL for Social Media Sites Eight Clever Things You Can Do with Your Underused Personal Domain NameI was lucky enough to snag the vanity URL I wanted for Facebook, but if you didn’t, or would just prefer the simplicity of a domain name, you can set up your […]

ICANN To Reduce “Unreachable” Whois Registrations By 50% In 1 Year?

For example, after reviewing Whois policy and its implementation, the team determined that it has not kept pace with the real world (citing the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names and the emergence of privacy and proxy services). Further, the team finds that ICANN has neglected to respond to the needs of law enforcement communities “both […]


You can file with the USPTO all you want, but it doesn’t mean you have a TM on the name just because you “filed”, or will be given the TM for it. Many companies file for the TM thinking this will scare off competitors, but if they haven’t used the TM phrase publicly, they’re not […]