DomainSherpa | Blog | Another Company, Another Multimillion Dollar Sale – With Bill Karamouzis

Bill Karamouzis has already hit three home runs in his domaining career. He sold his first two companies in 2005, each for well over seven figures. When it came time to launch his third company, Hallpass Media, he took the lessons he had learned from his past ventures and ran his new business based on […]

100 Million .Com Domains Registered | Domain Name News DNN

According to, a provider of domain name research and whois information, the number of .com domains under management by the registry has eclipsed 100 million domains. In a statement issued earlier today DomainTools claims that through their research they “calculated the current total of domains managed by Verisign to be over 100.2 million” via […]

Wayne man makes killing on domain name

It was after a billiards tournament that DiGirolamo met a fellow player who needed a $15,000 loan. DiGirolamo chuckles now as he remembers the conversation about the loan. He never asked, for example, what the man needed the money for. In fact, what is amazing is how trusting DiGirolamo seemed to be, taking a pool […]

A look at’s $1 billion milestone and new broker tool – Domain Name Wire

Perhaps the biggest growth driver for the company has been domain names. “We were able to secure the trust of many in the domain community and have provided a lot of focus on the industry ever since,” said Abbey. Over 50% of the transactions completed at to date have been domain name deals. That […]

Think Twice About Not Accepting First Offer | Elliot’s Blog

I didn’t hear back from him for a few weeks and sent a follow up email. Unfortunately, he opted to buy a different domain name. Although you often hear stories about huge offers materializing from smaller offers, this is a case where the opposite is true. I turned down a solid offer with the hopes […]

Telepathy Beats Back UDRP On But Doesn’t Find Reverse Hijacking Or Latches After 12 Years | The Domains

Still, too close and no reverse hijacking. “The Panel notes that the Respondent’s use of the Website to host various sponsored links can constitute a bona fide offering of services capable of giving rise to rights or legitimate interests for the purposes of the Policy, particularly where the Disputed Domain Name is used in a […] Inside a UDRP – Domain Name Wire

Stocker isn’t waiting around for a UDRP panel to determine the domain’s fate. He has sent a notice (pdf) to My Vault Services demanding that they withdraw the complaint. If not, he’s going to seek restitution including legal fees. Sometimes complainants look at UDRP as a relatively safe crapshoot to go after a domain. If […]

It’s time to place the web in safer hands – David Rowan – The Kernel

Sorry, internet: it’s time to place your custody in safer hands. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Californian body effectively responsible for all internet domains, is no longer a fit and proper parent. On behalf of all of us who ever use the internet, I call for adoption papers urgently to […]

The case study that could kill ICANN | News and analysis from .nxt

What this means What the two-page letter that no one will read tomorrow says is that ICANN is organizationally misconfigured to deal with the demands of 22, let alone 1,022 Internet registries. It also demonstrates that the first instinct of the organization is to hide from this fact, even to the extent that it will […]

Why Sedo Temporarily Closed My Account Because I Had Names At Auction : Domain Shane

I had noticed, especially when I have names on Namejet , that my site will suddenly get 300 or 400 uniques that day and many will click ads. Why anyone would click ads is beyond me but the correlation from name coming close to an end date and a huge surge in traffic have been […] Deal Made Possible By Domain Name Holding Transaction | Elliot’s Blog

The deal was consummated using the Domain Name Holding transaction at This escrow service is designed for high dollar transactions (generally $75,000 and higher), where the buyer and seller agree to hold the domain name or names in escrow while the buyer makes scheduled payments. This type of transaction had been available before […]

Lawyer: Kellogg et al have nothing to gain and everything to lose from expansion of internet top level domains

“It’s just a huge waste of money. Firms have already spent a fortune on registering all the variations of their names and brands under the present system to stop cyber squatters from undermining their brands. “At a time when everyone’s budgets are tight, spending potentially large sums of money purely as a defensive tactic just […]

Turn 90 Marginal Domain Names into $56,000 Per Month – With Andrew Hazen

Andrew Hazen knows a thing or two about marketing. In fact, he has built and sold two Internet marketing companies, pocketing millions of dollars in the process. And he has written a book using easy-to-understand language about search engine optimization. In this show, Andrew shares how he turned 90 admittedly marginal hand-registered .com domain names […]

Who — If Anyone — Should Control The Internet? : NPR

But ICANN’s increasingly international focus may not be enough to satisfy governments that resent the U.S. role in Internet governance. Those complaints are likely to come to a head this December, when the International Telecommunication Union — a U.N. agency — holds a meeting in Dubai to rewrite legally binding global treaties in such a […]

ICANN unleases the mother of all domain-name land grabs — Tech News and Analysis

So why would ICANN be interested in launching potentially hundreds or even thousands of new domains if we don’t actually need them? The agency says in a FAQ that it is not interested in the money that will be generated from the program — although each individual top-level domain application will cost $185,000 — because […]

Premium twitter account @Domains released to lucky new ownership | DomainGang

The premium Twitter account @Domains has been released and already under new ownership. With Twitter handles becoming important for use in every industry, the “@Domains” account was dormant for well over a year. We inquired about that account in the summer of 2010 and Twitter’s response was that the account was not inactive at that […]

Guest post: Transferring your new website | Flippa Blog | Buy & Sell Websites

Step 4: Making the changes to take control. These fall into three areas – management, technical and financial. 1. Management Create email addresses for all the emails that are in use at this domain. Change the code for any free statistics such as Google Analytics. Transfer control of the mailing list Transfer control/ownership of software […]

Domain registrar not liable for cybersquatting, US court rules

A domain name registrar was not liable for a form of trade mark infringement when a system it operates was used to redirect visitors from allegedly ‘cybersquatting’ web domain names to a pornographic website, a US court has ruled.10 Jan 2012 via Domain registrar not liable for cybersquatting, US court rules.