Domain Industry Professionals: “One Thing I Learned in 2011″ | Elliot’s Blog

Eric Borgos, Impulse Communications, Inc. – I learned that it takes a lot of work nowadays to buy a big domain name and develop it into a site that gets ranked well in Google. Instead, I can make the same amount of money buying a domain and flipping it, and that involves very little work. […]

Three Domain Sales Totaling $1.25 Million Top This Week’s Chart With  ccTLDs Ringing Up Four of the Five Biggest Sales

This was another very solid week for domain sales, including two of the year’s top ten transactions as well as two of 2011’s five biggest ccTLD sales. Leading the way was, a domain that changed hands in a private sale for $700,000, tying it for the 4th biggest sale reported so far this year. […]

Apple “wins”, but plays whac-a-mole with counterfeiters – Domain Name Wire

The problem for Apple is that some of these domain names were registered immediately after the decision in the first case was handed down. This means that the group behind the registrations is likely to just move on to other domains, and Apple will be forced to file more domain disputes. It’s a classic game […]

Copyright Troll’s Domain Name Auctioned to Pay Legal Fees | Threat Level |

Righthaven, a copyright-troll law firm that failed in its attempt to make money for newspapers by suing people for sharing stories online, is having its domain name auctioned off to help satisfy the Las Vegas company’s debts. As of 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday, was going for $1,250, up from $100 when the online […]

A Couple of Tools I Like:, BustAName and ReverseInternet | Domain Shane Jamie at DotWeekly, was the first one I saw mention it and now I use it almost every day. It’s the ultimate free spy tool. It picks apart a website and trying to find in common code like Google Analytics code or Commission Junction’s code. It allows you to often find out who owns […]

Film Academy Targets GoDaddy Founder As Legal Fight Heats Up Exclusive – Hollywood Reporter

Meanwhile, as all of this has been happening, GoDaddy has been engaged in a bare-knuckled litigation fight with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which puts on the Oscars each year. In May 2010, AMPAS sued GoDaddy, accusing it of facilitating trademark infringement from unscrupulous cybersquatters. The case has survived two motions to […]

Buzzblog: Dem PAC buys, wallops him with it

As first reported by Talking Points Memo, now redirects visitors to a rotating gallery of anti-Gingrich destinations, including scandal reminders such as Tiffany and Freddie Mac, a video of Gingrich with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and headlines such as “Gingrich ‘Inadvertently’ Names Porn Company ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ For Stimulating The Economy,” and […]

UDRP reform put on hold for four years | DomainIncite – Domain Name News & Opinion

ICANN’s cybersquatting rules, including the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, will be reviewed and possibly reformed, but probably not until 2016 at the earliest.The Generic Names Supporting Organization Council voted last Thursday to put the start of UDRP reform on hold until 18 months after the first new top-level domains go live.The review will also take […]

It’s Not Too Late to Hand Register Domains and Build a Million-dollar Business – With Adam Hawley

Some people complain that if you did not buy domains in the mid-1990s you missed the window of opportunity. But what if you could hand register 12,450 domain names today for $7.87 each and build a million-dollar business?Adam Hawley, president of, did exactly that. By leasing insurance-related domain names and providing associated services, Hawley […]

Domain Name Matters: Searchers Pick Brand Over Quality, Study Finds

The results of this research present a good news/bad news scenario for search marketers. The good news: If you have a credible, trusted domain name, you’ve got an advantage, as searchers really do pay attention to the URL in search results before deciding to click. And this is true regardless of the position of the […]

How to Sell a Domain Name – with Adam Dicker

If you have ever had difficulty selling domain names, this interview – really a master class – will provide the education and motivation you need to get moving in the right direction.Adam Dicker, founder of, shares the strategies and tactics that have helped him contact potential buyers, negotiate prices and sell thousands of domain […]

Game Over: Bill Kara brings global awareness to Turkish crimes using established domains | DomainGang

I guess this too falls under the category of political domaining. Do you use any of your domains in a similar  context? Bill Karamouzis is utilizing his generics,, and to bring global awareness to the Turkish crimes. As he says: “I’m trying to bring attention to a video featuring His All Holiness […]

One Thing I’ve Already Learned From The New | Domain Shane

I’ve already identified a trend that makes me realize I have a major hole in my portfolio. I’ve never been a kind of guy, but I might be soon. One of the big things that jumps out at me from the inquiry and quotes list is just how many 4L domains are listed…and some […]

Breaking News: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details… | Techdirt is on the case. Okay, now some details. First, remember It was one of the sites seized over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend back in 2010 — a little over a year ago. Those seizures struck us as particularly interesting, because among the sites seized were a bunch of hip hop blogs, including a […]

Frank Schilling and John Berryhill team up to get RDNH decision – Domain Name Wire

Glad to see some reverse hijacking decisions finally. Frank Schilling, with the help of attorney John Berryhill, has convinced a UDRP panel that AINS, INC is guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in a dispute over AINS, Inc has a trademark for “ecase” for its software for workflow and case management. It claimed a […]

Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales MarketPlace Goes Live | Domain Shane

My favorite part of the site lies to the left. A live update of domain inquiries coming through and sold domains. The numbers aren’t exact for privacy reasons but having information about what domains are selling for and what domains are getting bids is priceless even if the numbers aren’t exact. I can’t think of […]

Rick Perry Has a Domain-Name Problem – Ethan Klapper –

Looking for Rick Perry’s campaign website? Make sure you get the URL right: If you instead type in, you’ll be sent to a page of advertising as of Wednesday evening. If you typed in that domain earlier the same day, you would have been sent to the website of a fellow Texan, Rep. […]