Anatomy Of $800 Offer To $20K Domain Sale

I decided to play hardball even more because I had now spent a reasonable amount of time working my way up to $10,000. I had a feeling that this is obviously a person working for a company because their responses stopped each day at around 5PM Central time.

So I decided to press harder and acted a bit angered by saying: “I think I’ve finally decided that if you are serious about getting this done, offer me $20,000 and we can get the ball rolling today. I asked earlier today what you could do over $10,000 and now here we are several hours later. Think about it and let me know what your offer is.”

The next day, Friday, Kate finally responded around 1PM like usual and offered me $20,000 as long as terms were agreed upon by midnight.

via DotWeekly Anatomy Of $800 Offer To $20K Domain Sale.
DotWeekly went down in a tragic server FU. A lot of Jamie’s articles can be found through, but this one isn’t available. If you have text copy of it I’d love a copy.

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