VietNamNet – Is it really profitable to speculate on domain names? | Is it really profitable to speculate on domain names?

In Vietnam, people have also been trying to speculate domain names after they realized that the speculators in foreign countries can earn profit from speculation. However, not all speculators can succeed in the trade. According to Khai from raobantenmi…

DomainSherpa.Com: From A $60 Purchase To A $7,500 Sale: “I Want To Bring More People Into The Industry” | The Domains

“So I wound up selling this domain name I bought for $60 to the founder of  Banana Boat  for $7,500 and a case of sunscreen and I was hooked”
“So I started to bring more and more people into the industry.”
“I started the si…

Comparing Parking Companies – Name Monetizer – Name Monetizer – making money with domain names

For the last few years we’ve been comparing domain parking companies at and NameMonetizer. For the most part we've been manually moving domains from one company to another to see how they do.  We also look at the relative income we g…

Impact of Recent ICE Seizures on the Hosting and Domain Name Industries | WHIR Web Hosting Blog

It is clear that the U.S. government will not exercise “benign” authority over the Internet, but will use it to advance political goals on which there is substantial debate.  This exercise of authority is just what non-U.S. businesses have feared….