Domains For SEO- Do They Still Matter? Kelvin Newman’s Take

A fun podcast I never miss is the Internet Marketing Insider from Great insights from the internet marketing trenches featuring Kelvin Newman and Andy White. I borrowed this clip from their recent Want a Sticky Website episode becau… Reigns On DN Journal’s Weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart After 6-Figure Sale

The new weekly domain sales report is out at The top sale ranks among the year’s 25 biggest to date. Nine country code domains made the all extension leader board and we also saw one of the year’s five biggest non .com gTLD sales this week.

UPDATED: Sells For $1,150,000; Total DomainFest Extended Sales: $1,262,000 just sold at the DomainFest extended auction on for $1,150,000
Its a great domain and can be used for insurance, stocks and other financial markets. shows the domain having over 20K visitors a month…

For Now, Keyword Laden Domain Names Are An Important Part of the SEO Puzzle | Domain Shane

In the last 12 months I’ve taken first place for a non-competitive local small business term with an exact match non-hyphenated keyword domain with one link from its sister site (itself not a strong domain by any means). The site was top ten when lau… Sells,,,, for $1.265 million

Well it looks like one of my picks from the DomainFest auction for tomorrow, was sold tonight. tonight announced that  it successfully brokered,,,, for $1.265 mi…

Startup Social Proof Number One – Your Domain Name!

Marco used credit cards to put 30% down on a $36,000 domain name. Financed at 6%, he used Moniker’s escrow service to purchase – before he even had a product!
Jason Calacanis tells you why it was a smart move in this discussion with l…