Domainer Income Goes Public – What It Means For Domainers | Domaining – Expired Domain Names – Expiring Domain Names

I also know this – Domainer Income will:
a) Help many people to generate passive income – making a HUGE difference to peoples lives from a financial standpoint.
b) Take the Domaining industry to a new level.
c) Create a level playing field, by mak…

Find The Amount Of Whois Searches On Your Domains At Domain Name Blog

I was never aware that a domain name owner at GoDaddy had the option to obtain the amount of whois searched done for domain names you own at GoDaddy  but I had noticed a thread at explaining on how to obtain the amount of Whois searches a…

Game Domain Passes Go, Collects $450,000 to Lead This Week’s Sales Chart

The new weekly domain sales report is out at Summer officially arrived this week along with four hot 6-figure domains sales – one closing at $450,000 in one of the year’s 10 biggest deals. The 3 others that also cracked the 6-figure mark included a .net that now ranks as the year’s 2nd biggest non .com gTLD sale.