Domain Dispute Attorneys: Protecting Domain Portfolio Assets In Trademark & Cybersquatting Matters

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Audio interview.
How to Respond to a UDRP Complaint

Do you know what to do if you feel your trademark rights are being violated by another party? What if you get a notice that someone else thinks you are infringing on their… & Sold $75K

Our good friend over at / Michael Berkens has sold the domain names and in partnership with Sedo for a combined total of $75,000 USD.
The domain names were reported sold at Sedo, but Michael’s domain portfolio site has been having a play in many domain interest contacts. Michael decided to […]

PriveCo & Keep Buzzing Along

PriveCo purchased the domain name in 2008 after leasing the domain name since around 2002. How much did PriveCo pay for the generic adult related toys domain name? A cool Million Dollars. Yes, $1,000,000.00
Not only is PriveCo excelling with the generic domain name, sales have more than doubled from January 2009 to January […]

You Want to Make REAL Money With Your Domains? Sell a Product

Shane, are you selling plants online? Do you drop ship ;–)
I have a couple of product domain names and have been researching, on and off, the efficacy of setting up the whole shebang- LLC, reseller license, importing from China, storing and shipping etc. It’s pretty daunting. I would buy the book that tells me how to do it.
Where I specifically end up on the fence is, calculating the profit margin- so many variables and so little experience. The 4 Hour Work Week has a couple of examples that help get me close, but basically it looks to like a physical product would need a price point of at least $50. to warrant the effort. And then still, it would need to be a tight enough niche that the eBay guys aren’t all over it.
I really like the model, where value is added through personalization. I keep the hampsters up late trying to come up with a product niche /domain name combo that lends itself to that business model.
That said, I do have ONE product that comes to mind and your post has prompted me to move forward with a test.

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The Cost Difference Of A Plural Domain Sale, Vodka vs Vodkas Domain Name Blog

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Jamie does the math on another singular vs. plural domain name scenario. Great info. I’m still looking for a definitive answer on setting up a product or service site where you own both the singular and plural domain name. I’ve asked…

New Report: 1 NAF Panelist Out Of 141, Was Assigned To 10% of the Cases: What Is Going On? | The Domains

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Andrew’s post on the subject, Goes so far as to suggest,”So why does NAF select Johnson so often? Perhaps it’s because she ranks #3 i…