Buying And Selling Domain Names 101: How To Buy And Sell Domain Names For Fun And Profits (Paperback) tagged “domains” 2 times

Buying And Selling Domain Names 101: How To Buy And Sell Domain Names For Fun And Profits

Buying And Selling Domain Names 101: How To Buy And Sell Domain Names For Fun And Profits (Paperback)
By Zach Wilson

17 “Feel Good” Moments In Domaining

These are the moments in domaining we all have when something goes well.  It’s a little mushy and not something guys sit around and chat about,  but every once in a while I like to remind myself why I do something. The great moments that make you want to keep investing and buying more domains.  […]

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Domain Name Registration Now 192 Million Worldwide

New domain name registrations in the fourth quarter of 2009 reached 3.7 million domain name registrations per month totaling close to 11 million new domain name registrations across all of the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) in the last quarter of 2009, according the latest Domain Name Industry Brief by VeriSign. “The base of country code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) rose to 78.6 million domain names, a three percent increase quarter over quarter and a 10 percent increase year over year. In terms of total registrations, .com continues to have the highest base followed by .cn (China), .de (Germany), .net and .uk (United Kingdom).”

2 Hours On The Panel Its Clear That The New gTLD’s Are Just About The Money | The Domains

I sat on a panel Friday at the Domainer Mardi Gras with Jeffrey Eckhaus from Demand Media, whose company is expected to apply for at least several new gTLD’s, Ken Hansen from Neustar whose company is trying to provide the back end for many of the new…

Photos & Highlights From the Closing Day (& Night) at Domainer Mardi Gras in New Orleans

The 2010 Domainer Mardi Gras conference closed last night in New Orleans (or to be more precise, in the wee hours of this morning). We have photos and highlights from all Saturday’s sessions and social events, including the farewell party on’s Bourbon Street balcony. and go live + An update on the Epik ecosystem

February is shaping up to be a productive month at Epik. In this post, I will briefly highlight two of our latest beta releases — and — and will then put these latest developments into the broader context of the emerging Epik ecosystem. goes beyond existing slide-sharing services. …

Expanding Your Internet Business | Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online: Domain Names and Making Money Online

I actually did try to do something like this back in the early 2000s with ecommerce sites. I was making around $2000/month from, which was good but not enough to change my company much, so I decided to open 15-20 new online stores (cand…

Generic & Keyword Auction – Domains Up To $36.65 A Click!

Just awhile ago I just received an email from the guys at Oversee regarding the Snapnames auction at Domainer Mardi Gras.
At first I thought….I’m already overloaded with conferences and auctions … do I really have the time to look at this? Honest…

Domain Name Wire » News » Success Story: Octane360 Takes Domain Monetization Beyond PPC – The Domain Industry's News Source

Company brings multiple revenue streams to domain names.
In December I wrote about Octane360, a startup that promises to bring new monetization options to domain names. I’m happy to report that the company is delivering on its promise.
The company…

Domain Name Wire » News » WIPO Hands City Geo Domain Name to Pool Company – The Domain Industry's News Source

Shared by JohnH

Check out the comments as well.
Hayward, California domain name given to pool company.
Here’s a domain name dispute that should make geo domain owners’ blood boil.
A three person World Intellectual Property Organization has award…