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Domaining.comI don’t spend a lot of time reading other domain blogs, but when I do, I generally use because I’ve pre-filtered my preferred feeds already and blocked the websites I don’t read. Instead of having to read through all of the domain-related headlines, I can easily find the most interesting articles from the domain investors I trust and respect, since just about everyone else is blocked.

A couple people have asked about blocking/adding feeds and it’s simple to do. Just sign up for an account and visit the edit feeds page. You can check off the websites that you want to see and the others will be blocked. Now you don’t have to read through all the headlines to find the ones that are of the greatest interest to you. In addition, you can also add non-domain feeds. I’ve added a few like TechCrunch.

Also, I know that some people don’t want to get an email every morning, so you can easily opt out. I actually like the email newsletter because I can see the previous day’s popular headlines that I may not have read.

With so many projects going on, it’s good to be able to cut through the BS and get the news I need when I want it.

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