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andrewrosener Don’t miss the latest episode of @DomainSherpa! Just dropped! Great laughs, hard truths and domain name education! #DomainNames #DigitalAssets

2 Dec 2022, 7:51 am   @ANDREWROSENER

JenSale Just overheard my kid say this to his Fortnite mates: “Bro, let’s just keep encouraging each other!” Me: 🥹

2 Dec 2022, 6:29 am   @JENSALE

Berryhillj Don’t forget to pick up some @EpikDotCom retail gift cards for Christmas. Available at imaginary stores wherever complete bullshit is sold.

2 Dec 2022, 4:14 am   @BERRYHILLJ

AGreatDomain I really liked the first issue, and just subscribed to @ShaneCultra newsletter. Read the first issue to see what it will be about! 👀

2 Dec 2022, 3:45 am   @AGREATDOMAIN

DomainGang The account at #Gaslighting .com has been terminated. Naturally, it was their fault. 🤖

2 Dec 2022, 2:40 am   @DOMAINGANG

DomainSherpa 🚨NEW EPISODE DROP🚨 The #Sherpas are back as @J10enbaum @andrewrosener @ShaneCultra & @BradenPollock play the #DomainGame, review #domains up for auction on @namejet, discuss Shane's recent retirement & more! Check it out! #domainnames #digitalassets

2 Dec 2022, 12:21 am   @DOMAINSHERPA

BradenPollock Fresh @DomainSherpa with @J10enbaum @andrewrosener and @ShaneCultra #Domains

2 Dec 2022, 12:19 am   @BRADENPOLLOCK

 What the softening of the homeware market means for fashion players | UK NEWS TO DAY

1 Dec 2022, 11:01 pm   GOOGLE

DomainGang Nazis. I hate these guys. #Indy vs #Kanye

1 Dec 2022, 9:19 pm   @DOMAINGANG

DomainGang Seven with #Sedo: Beds, Appoint, Dealing, POP3, and other .com #domains in live auction #domains #DomainAuction #GreatDomains .@Sedo

1 Dec 2022, 9:03 pm   @DOMAINGANG

 Public Safety - Week of December 2, 2022 - Fairfax Times

1 Dec 2022, 9:03 pm   GOOGLE

Raymond Hackney November 2022 reported New Gtld sales down close to $350K from previous month

1 Dec 2022, 8:57 pm   TLDINVESTORS

GeorgeKirikos Great to see Japan 🇯🇵 go through! ⚽️

1 Dec 2022, 8:53 pm   @GEORGEKIRIKOS

seanmarkey This is super fucking cool...

1 Dec 2022, 8:22 pm   @SEANMARKEY

GeorgeKirikos Notice how I just edited that tweet, but still **don't** have a blue checkmark visible to others??!!?? (that's a bug in Twitter Blue, as I'm a subscriber, so should have a blue checkmark; I have an active ticket to try to get that fixed...) @TwitterSupport @TwitterBlue @elonmusk

1 Dec 2022, 8:02 pm   @GEORGEKIRIKOS

GeorgeKirikos On today's call (not a final consensus call, so stay vigilant), most of the #ICANN 💩 Transfer Policy working group was in favour of retaining the Losing FOA safeguard. 👍 (see discussion from 31 mins to 59 mins of Zoom call, or wait for the transcript)

1 Dec 2022, 7:59 pm   @GEORGEKIRIKOS

DInvesting I don't know what the value of the Future publication is, but I do know is still worth a lot of money.

1 Dec 2022, 7:29 pm   @DINVESTING

 Judge rules Oklahoma Turnpike Authority 'willfully' violated open meetings law

1 Dec 2022, 5:23 pm   GOOGLE

DomainSherpa A new #DSReview drops soon! Stay tuned! 😎💥 #staytuned #domains #domainnames #digitalassets

1 Dec 2022, 5:20 pm   @DOMAINSHERPA

 xHashtag Launches .SOUL Names for Web3 Identity on Ethereum - Yahoo Finance

1 Dec 2022, 4:24 pm   GOOGLE

MediaOptions Need a premium domain name? Look no further – just contact us! There is no second best! #domains #domainnames #digitalassets #thereisnosecondbest

1 Dec 2022, 4:12 pm   @MEDIAOPTIONS

MediaOptions Make sure every visit to your website is worth their while with your exact-match premium domain name.

1 Dec 2022, 4:12 pm   @MEDIAOPTIONS

MediaOptions The key to success? Investing in the perfect and memorable premium domain name for your business. #domainnames #digitalassets #domains 👇

1 Dec 2022, 4:11 pm   @MEDIAOPTIONS

GeorgeKirikos P.S. On Tuesday, I had blogged: about what that safeguard actually looks like, for those unfamiliar with the #security benefits. #ICANN 💩

1 Dec 2022, 4:10 pm   @GEORGEKIRIKOS

 How domain names can revolutionise your business | Magnet | Eden, NSW

1 Dec 2022, 3:35 pm   GOOGLE

juddeme I am so proud to be affiliated with this incredible organization. Please read below, and feel free to get involved in the fight against childhood cancer! What a year for ! We have had a busy 12 months with lots of festivals, fundr…

1 Dec 2022, 3:22 pm   @JUDDEME

DotWeekly I have been battling COVID since Saturday 11/26 & not doing so great. We all have unique situations and our battles are different. I have several auto-immune issues, not likely helping me much. I'll be fine overtime. I just wanted to share the reason I haven't posted since then.

1 Dec 2022, 2:01 pm   @DOTWEEKLY

 DropCatch changes bid increments following big auctions - Domain Name Wire

1 Dec 2022, 1:53 pm   GOOGLE

Andrew Allemann DropCatch changes bid increments following big auctions

1 Dec 2022, 1:51 pm   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 Published Author Decries Feds Seizing Online Site Full Of Unauthorized Digital Books

1 Dec 2022, 1:42 pm   GOOGLE

 TheServerHost an Authentic Canada, Montreal VPS Server Hosting Provider introduce a low ...

1 Dec 2022, 1:39 pm   GOOGLE

DomainSherpa DomainSherpa Review – December 1, 2022: From Investors to Collectors:,,,

1 Dec 2022, 1:36 pm   DOMAINSHERPA

DotWeekly ReleaseHub․com has acquired premium generic domain name from its past owners. The @ycombinator backed startup has raised about $22.9M to date. Are they going to drop the "hub" and rebrand? Time will tell and they now have that option.

1 Dec 2022, 1:19 pm   @DOTWEEKLY

Andrew Allemann and sell for $500k each

1 Dec 2022, 1:06 pm   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

NameBio GoDaddy had nine of the Top 10 sales yesterday led by Parentology․com at $15,250. Sedo moved HeliService․com for $6,500 while XLED․com closed at $4,230 on DropCatch. That and more in today's #DailyMarketReport at

1 Dec 2022, 1:00 pm   @NAMEBIO

DomainGang Seven with Sedo: Beds, Appoint, Dealing, POP3, and other .com #domains in live auction

1 Dec 2022, 12:56 pm   DOMAINGANG

 Fantom wants to cut token burn rate by 75% to fund dApp rewards program - Cointelegraph

1 Dec 2022, 12:23 pm   GOOGLE

NamePros Daily sold for $10,250

1 Dec 2022, 11:05 am   TNTNAMES

 International Coalition of Rights Groups Call on Internet Infrastructure Providers to Avoid ...

1 Dec 2022, 10:12 am   GOOGLE

 Web3 Antivirus Enhances Security of Users' Assets, Here's How - U.Today

1 Dec 2022, 10:04 am   GOOGLE

Elliot Silver This Looks Super Sketchy

1 Dec 2022, 10:01 am   DOMAININVESTING

Andrew Allemann Epik continues to dig out from financial mess

1 Dec 2022, 9:44 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 We Sold A Whale ! AKA – Don't Neglect The B Game! - Tekedia

1 Dec 2022, 9:42 am   GOOGLE

Kevin Murphy Melbourne IT to relaunch, return to roots, after $3.4 million acquisition

1 Dec 2022, 9:41 am   DOMAININCITE

 Top Analyst Reports for Cisco, Mondelez & EOG Resources - November 30, 2022 - Zacks

1 Dec 2022, 9:16 am   GOOGLE

Kevin Murphy Registrars CAN charge for Whois, ICANN grudgingly admits

1 Dec 2022, 9:15 am   DOMAININCITE

 12th HKTDC Business of IP Asia Forum opened today - Finanznachrichten

1 Dec 2022, 9:11 am   GOOGLE


1 Dec 2022, 9:04 am   DSAD

 Good Morning America affair recalls The Morning Show plot - The A.V. Club

1 Dec 2022, 8:40 am   GOOGLE

DomainGang Domain data: TLD adoption among Affiliate World exhibitors

1 Dec 2022, 8:30 am   DOMAINGANG

Kevin Murphy New new gTLD registry in town as Rostam buys UNR

1 Dec 2022, 8:28 am   DOMAININCITE

 Joules to shut 19 stores after Next snaps up brand in last-minute deal - The Telegraph

1 Dec 2022, 8:03 am   GOOGLE

 Privacy Policy – The Brawling -

1 Dec 2022, 7:43 am   GOOGLE

 A Game-Changing Web3 Antivirus Hits the Market - Yahoo Finance

1 Dec 2022, 7:10 am   GOOGLE

 MarkIt to Market® - November 2022 | Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.L.L.C. - JD Supra

1 Dec 2022, 7:03 am   GOOGLE

Elliot Silver Bear Grylls Acquires

1 Dec 2022, 6:51 am   DOMAININVESTING

NamePros The .TV Domain Extension: Sales, History, Pricing, Types, Use, and More

1 Dec 2022, 6:46 am   @NAMEPROS

 TOP NEWS: Next rescues Joules by taking majority stake, keeping staff - Shares Magazine

1 Dec 2022, 6:13 am   GOOGLE

Michael Sumner 574 Domain Discoveries for December 1st

1 Dec 2022, 5:55 am   NAMEBIO

Michael Sumner $325k in Sales on November 30th – sold for $15,250 – Daily Market Report

1 Dec 2022, 4:55 am   NAMEBIO

Travis M. Trav’s List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, December 1, 2022

1 Dec 2022, 2:34 am   DSAD