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andrewrosener Boom! Another incredible .com domain is #OffTheMarketForever

24 Jun 2021, 6:22 am   @ANDREWROSENER

DNJournal More Fireworks on the Domain Sales Charts! A 7-Figure Blockbuster and Five in 6-Figures Electrifies the Leader Board: #domains

24 Jun 2021, 2:42 am   @DNJOURNAL

 Inside an Ugly New Extremist Wave Stoked by Historic Drought

24 Jun 2021, 12:52 am   GOOGLE

DInvesting UDRP filed against domain name:

24 Jun 2021, 12:42 am   @DINVESTING

DomainGang Domain King: Piece of ASS․com is royalties #domains #ass #royalties

24 Jun 2021, 12:36 am   @DOMAINGANG

 Sweet revenge! Women reveal the delightfully petty ways they've gotten their own back - from ...

24 Jun 2021, 12:06 am   GOOGLE

searchbound VC's: "when you get some traction, it's the perfect time for a raise" me & Bootstrappers: "when you get some traction, it's the perfect time to double down"

23 Jun 2021, 11:15 pm   @SEARCHBOUND

DInvesting Don’t see a .Army domain name every day.

23 Jun 2021, 9:16 pm   @DINVESTING

 Govt to crackdown on unofficial online pages

23 Jun 2021, 8:56 pm   GOOGLE

jjstyler Went a little overboard with the whole ape thing

23 Jun 2021, 8:43 pm   @JJSTYLER

searchbound Dropcatch: "hey, this dude lost. Let's remind him again via email" : ) (oddly, I appreciate these emails; $22k bid wasn't enough, though)

23 Jun 2021, 8:12 pm   @SEARCHBOUND

 US seizes and 32 other Iranian media website domains

23 Jun 2021, 8:11 pm   GOOGLE

searchbound For domain name auctions; how to guesstimate final bid price, before auction over: Visit both tools below = Take highest valuation; remove 60% voila 🪄

23 Jun 2021, 7:59 pm   @SEARCHBOUND

andrewrosener Say hello to Gilligan! A rare Sailor Theme match ape! Minted by @pranksyNFT - Welcome to the gang Gilligan! 7 apes strong! #BYAC

23 Jun 2021, 7:55 pm   @ANDREWROSENER

 More Fireworks on the Sales Chart! A 7-Figure Blast and Five in 6-Figures Electrifies Leader Board

23 Jun 2021, 7:46 pm   DNJOURNAL.COM/RSS

drewwash Go to DoorDash $12 of food w/ Free Delivery. Total cost would be $30.27. "Would be"... because hell no.

23 Jun 2021, 7:36 pm   @DREWWASH

Raymond Hackney Yellow.Ai – Moving from a .com to .Ai

23 Jun 2021, 7:08 pm   TLDINVESTORS

NamePros Daily sold for $6,500

23 Jun 2021, 6:44 pm   TNTNAMES

jamesiles Rick Schwartz announces a $6 million, plus royalties, deal for Ass•com. My article mentions how much he originally paid for the domain:

23 Jun 2021, 6:32 pm   @JAMESILES

JoshDotCo “Art” deserves better. So amateur.

23 Jun 2021, 6:28 pm   @JOSHDOTCO

Steve McGarry The Exit Podcast – How To Know When To Sell with Anu Shukla

23 Jun 2021, 6:12 pm   FLIPPA

MediaOptions The property management market in the U.S. generates around $88 billion in revenue each year. Read why obtaining a premium .COM domain name was a no brainer for in this edition of On the Record with @jamesiles. Check it out!

23 Jun 2021, 6:03 pm   @MEDIAOPTIONS

DomainGang Domain King: Piece of is royalties

23 Jun 2021, 5:32 pm   DOMAINGANG

thedomains Rick Schwartz tweets that Ass .com is under contract for $6m + Royalties via @thedomains

23 Jun 2021, 5:20 pm   @THEDOMAINS

thedomains Sedo weekly domain name sales led by eCommerce .de via @thedomains

23 Jun 2021, 5:20 pm   @THEDOMAINS

Berryhillj Do you know how many times a year this happens? @WIPO will never count them or publish that number.

23 Jun 2021, 4:41 pm   @BERRYHILLJ

DomainNameWire Here’s the third RDNH of the day

23 Jun 2021, 4:38 pm   @DOMAINNAMEWIRE

BrandableInsidr It's here!!! - The Secrets to Successful Domain Investing #sidehustle #entrepreneur #makemoneyfromhome #domains

23 Jun 2021, 4:34 pm   @BRANDABLEINSIDR

DomainGang WWTM․org : Complainant served with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding #domains #WWTM #RDNH #UDRP #WIPO

23 Jun 2021, 4:28 pm   @DOMAINGANG

DomainNameWire Tim Berners-Lee WWW NFT auction price now over $1 million

23 Jun 2021, 4:13 pm   @DOMAINNAMEWIRE

JoshDotCo Good buy @cipcity ... I had been waiting for it to get into the 5's and was just transferring ETH.

23 Jun 2021, 3:59 pm   @JOSHDOTCO

seanmarkey Another wildfire, this time in the valley, about a mile or so from my house. @UtahWildfire #utfire #castlevalley

23 Jun 2021, 3:52 pm   @SEANMARKEY

DomainNameWire Indian firm tries reverse domain hijacking a common surname

23 Jun 2021, 3:33 pm   @DOMAINNAMEWIRE

DInvesting Beautiful day on the water with the kids.

23 Jun 2021, 3:14 pm   @DINVESTING

alangdunn Someone get #BoredApes on this show. #bayc

23 Jun 2021, 2:56 pm   @ALANGDUNN

DomainNameWire Domain investor buys for $350,000 and plans to develop it

23 Jun 2021, 2:54 pm   @DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 What We're Watching: Libya's future, Russia vs UK in Black Sea, US blocks Iranian news sites

23 Jun 2021, 2:45 pm   GOOGLE

JoshDotCo Pearly Gates with another big win!

23 Jun 2021, 2:42 pm   @JOSHDOTCO

DInvesting Impress people with your domain name: Influenced by a tweet from @searchbound

23 Jun 2021, 2:36 pm   @DINVESTING

andrewrosener Just sold for $25,000. "Green Gold"! And so it was... Now, if it had been Ape would have upped the price! #BYAC #DomainNames #DigitalAssets #NFTs

23 Jun 2021, 2:00 pm   @ANDREWROSENER

JoshDotCo Can’t believe I bought the dip and it’s working out. What a treat.

23 Jun 2021, 1:29 pm   @JOSHDOTCO

 Justice Dept: Seized News Domains Were Violating Sanctions

23 Jun 2021, 1:18 pm   GOOGLE

 Return on Investment: Proving That Protection Pays

23 Jun 2021, 12:55 pm   CIRCLEID

DInvesting I go back and forth on DAN between BIN only and BIN + Make Offer. I tend to price inventory on the high side, so offers are sometimes reasonable. On the flip side, having that Make Offer field available makes offers far more likely than BIN deals.

23 Jun 2021, 12:49 pm   @DINVESTING

DInvesting I'm not a regular @NamePros participant, but kudos to the admins and tech team on their efforts to keep the forum operating without many disruptions. I am sure it is not an easy job.

23 Jun 2021, 12:46 pm   @DINVESTING

 New DNS Name Server Hijack Attack Exposes Businesses, Government Agencies

23 Jun 2021, 12:41 pm   GOOGLE

 An Afnic Study of the Global Domain Name Market in 2020, COVID Impact on ccTLDs

23 Jun 2021, 12:39 pm   CIRCLEID

DInvesting This company uses .

23 Jun 2021, 12:36 pm   @DINVESTING

Kevin Murphy Schwartz makes deal to sell for over $6 million

23 Jun 2021, 12:31 pm   DOMAININCITE

 Steps to install FreeIPA on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8

23 Jun 2021, 11:54 am   GOOGLE

Raymond Hackney Rick Schwartz tweets that is under contract for $6m + Royalties

23 Jun 2021, 10:23 am   THEDOMAINS

andrewrosener I'd like to introduce you to my little friend...Please meet "Oro Blanco", the illest MC in the #BAYC gang! @J10enbaum your Zoo-Tang Clan aint got nothing on us! Just wait till the Ape Rap Battle launches! Oro Blanco is going to wipe the floor with your apes!

23 Jun 2021, 10:15 am   @ANDREWROSENER

 How Unstoppable Domains is Accelerating the World's Transition to Cryptocurrency

23 Jun 2021, 9:52 am   GOOGLE

 US disrupts Iran government's “propaganda arm” by seizing 33 media websites

23 Jun 2021, 9:52 am   GOOGLE

Andrew Allemann Here’s the third RDNH of the day

23 Jun 2021, 9:38 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

Keith deBoer Brandable Insider #60 – The Secrets to Successful Domain Investing

23 Jun 2021, 9:30 am   DNGEEK

DomainGang : Complainant served with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

23 Jun 2021, 9:24 am   DOMAINGANG

Andrew Allemann Tim Berners-Lee WWW NFT auction price now over $1 million

23 Jun 2021, 9:13 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 5 Ways to Delete Cache Files on Your Windows PC

23 Jun 2021, 8:33 am   GOOGLE

Andrew Allemann Indian firm tries reverse domain hijacking a common surname

23 Jun 2021, 8:33 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 What to Look for in a Web Hosting Company

23 Jun 2021, 8:11 am   GOOGLE

 Harry And Meghan Purchased Domain Names For Their Daughter Before Her Birth

23 Jun 2021, 8:00 am   GOOGLE

 Domain investor buys for $350000 and plans to develop it

23 Jun 2021, 7:54 am   GOOGLE

Andrew Allemann Domain investor buys for $350,000 and plans to develop it

23 Jun 2021, 7:54 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

 Iran alleges attack on one of its nuclear facilities as international talks reach critical juncture

23 Jun 2021, 7:50 am   GOOGLE

Andrew Allemann Spanish company attempts to reverse domain hijack

23 Jun 2021, 7:40 am   DOMAINNAMEWIRE

Kevin Murphy US Feds seize 33 Iranian news site domains

23 Jun 2021, 7:28 am   DOMAININCITE

 Utah man accused of using 'devil worship language' to lure teen into sexual abuse

23 Jun 2021, 7:26 am   GOOGLE

Elliot Silver Impress Them With Your Domain Names

23 Jun 2021, 7:20 am   DOMAININVESTING

DomainGang – The latest #domain name by Frank Schilling!

23 Jun 2021, 6:59 am   DOMAINGANG

Kevin Murphy Domain firms plan “Trusted Notifier” takedown rules

23 Jun 2021, 6:54 am   DOMAININCITE

adamstrong Should we expect @ACFresh21 #420 serial number on @nbatopshot to skyrocket on this news ?

23 Jun 2021, 6:47 am   @ADAMSTRONG

 Five core technologies every IP practice can rely on

23 Jun 2021, 6:39 am   GOOGLE

andrewrosener Pretty sure this is exactly what I’ve been telling you folks! But everyone likes to rest on their laurels and assume the status quo will continue. We the free are at war with thee who would have us “get in line”. Blockchain domains are a critical check on authoritarianism.

23 Jun 2021, 6:35 am   @ANDREWROSENER

 Former IFS officer Lakshmi M Puri sends legal notice to Congress supporter Saket Gokhale for ...

23 Jun 2021, 6:21 am   GOOGLE

Michael Sumner 217 Domain Discoveries for June 23rd

23 Jun 2021, 5:55 am   NAMEBIO

Travis M. AUCTION RECAP OF JUNE 22, 2021

23 Jun 2021, 5:37 am   DSAD

 Dixie State registered Polytechnic, Utah Tech as domain names in 2020

23 Jun 2021, 5:35 am   GOOGLE

admin Why I Bought

23 Jun 2021, 5:35 am   IMPULSECORP

Kevin Murphy Did Harry and Meghan squat the Queen? [clickbait]

23 Jun 2021, 5:06 am   DOMAININCITE

DomainNameWire Spanish company attempts to reverse domain hijack

23 Jun 2021, 5:02 am   @DOMAINNAMEWIRE

Michael Sumner $226k in Sales on June 22nd – sold for $10,003 – Daily Market Report

23 Jun 2021, 4:55 am   NAMEBIO

jjstyler #Sunbelievable game #RallyTheValley

23 Jun 2021, 4:28 am   @JJSTYLER

 US seizes over 30 websites linked to Iranian disinformation

23 Jun 2021, 4:26 am   GOOGLE

jjstyler What a game!

23 Jun 2021, 4:05 am   @JJSTYLER

ShaneCultra Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

23 Jun 2021, 4:03 am   DSAD