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WSJ says Godaddy is up for Sale for $1 Billion Dollars; Seems like they left off a zero

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, has put itself up for sale in an auction that could fetch more than $1 billion according to the journal
Qatalyst Partners has been hired to shop The Go Daddy Group. Private-equity …

Google to Treat .Co as International Domain

Domain won’t be pigeon-holed to just Colombia in search engine’s eyes.
[Update: since some people asked, I successfully confirmed this with Google.]
One of the concerns registrants of .co domain names have voiced is if Google will treat the domain …

Sedo 1st Q: 12,000 Domain Names Sold; $23 Million in Sales released its 1Q Domain Market Study for the 2010 yesterday.
Some of the highlights:
Sedo, saw an 18.6% increase in the number of sales in 1Q 2010, compared to Q4 2009.
“Overall, 11,942 domains changed hands for $23,177,253″.
“This marks …

The Top 1,000 Baby Names For 2009 Just Published, Every .com Is Taken

The Social Security Administration publishes an annual list of the 1,000 most popular baby names for boys and girls and just released its list for 2009.
It may not surprise you to learn that every matching .com for each of the 1,000 most popular boys a…

Godaddy Starts Affiliate Program @ 20% For All Customers On All Products

Go sent out a press release today announcing the broad opening of an an Affiliate program that pays commissions of  20% to any Godaddy customer that has a “shopper account”.

An affiliate, can choose from more than 100 Go Daddy banner… New Super Bowl Ad Is the Best Yet & Promtes New Domains: & got to love their marketing strategy.
If you don’t love it you at least have to admire it.
In its newest Super Bowl ad (they bought 2), called “Movies” featuring Danica Patrick recreating some very famous sexy movie scenes.
Patrick fi…

Google’s Brilliant Move: Not Buying Domain Name

By not buying, Google reinforces the power of Google search over direct navigation.
Over the past few days I’ve read numerous stories by my peers suggesting that Google messed up by not registering the domain name prior to l…

Filter Your Feeds

I don’t spend a lot of time reading other domain blogs, but when I do, I generally use because I’ve pre-filtered my preferred feeds already and blocked the websites I don’t read. Instead of having to read through all of the domain-r…