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The Complete Guide To Where You Can Sell Your Domain Names – Hybrid Domainer

Well done! There are a lot of places to sell your domain name, in this guide we will try to give you all the info you need to start listing your domains and giving them maximum exposure. We will also look at the pro’s and con’s of listing everywhere and what you need to keep […]

Buy it now Vs Make an offer – Hybrid Domainer

I believe a balanced approach works best for most domainers. You look at names that don’t have tremendous upside and price them, those with a narrow focus, with comps in the same price range. I have sold quite a few and, I price all the names I still own because I feel confident […]

You’ve Sold Your Domain. Now How Long Does It Take to Get Paid? | Domain Shane

Pro Tip to Not Embarrass Yourself: Make sure your name is eligible to be transferred. Don’t assume your buyer will push. We all still have to wait 60 days to transfer a domain. As many as we buy and sell we often forget when that 60 days is over. Your domain registrar should have that […]

My Spreadsheet for Tracking End-User Sales

I have received a lot of interest in how I approach end-users over the last year. If you haven’t yet downloaded my domain sales letter you might want to grab it as it is an essential part of the process. Today I thought I would share with my readers …