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EFF: New Domain Takedown Bill Would Break the Internet

EFF calls bill “misguided gift to a shortsighted industry”.
Electronic Frontier Foundation is weighing in on the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act, and it doesn’t like what it sees.
In an analysis EFF posted online, the group s…

Yahoo Settles Lawsuit and Gets Domain Name

Yahoo now has for web site.
As Michael Berkens pointed out today, Yahoo now owns the domain name
But this wasn’t your typical domain name sale. It was actually the culmination of year long anti-cybersquatting laws…

Is a Typo of

When is a typo not a typo?
Is a typo of Yes, according to National Arbitration Forum panelist Sandra J. Franklin.
In a decision handed down yesterday, Franklin awarded the domain name to the owner of….

Domain Tasting Down 99.7% – But It’s Coming Back

Domain tasting is down, but the registration game is merely changing.
ICANN is reporting that domain name tasting is down 99.7% since it implemented new policies to thwart it. Tasting is registering a domain name to test for traffic, and returning it …

Paxfire: Enabling the Biggest Typosquatters

Typo-redirect service Paxfire adds to patent portfolio.
Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. patent 7,631,101 (pdf) for “Systems and methods for direction of communication traffic.” Here’s the abstract:
An Internet traffic redi…