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Why Domain Extensions Matter for Online Success | Interbrand

Can the right—or wrong—domain extension impact your brand’s online success?As it turns out, it probably does. The results of Interbrand’s U.S. study indicate that the right domain extension may be just as important as the right domain name when it comes to branding a memorable and effective web address. A few of the highlights from […]

Fritinancy: Fee, -ify, Fo, Fum

Fee, -ify, Fo, Fum I smell a namifying trend that just won’t quittify. Here are eight examples of new brands with the derivative name style du jour: Artify: “Art that will take your breath away at a price that won’t.” Uses the Italy country code (.it) to create an imperative: Artify It. (Via Terrence Lockyer.) […]

How to Hack a Dominating Domain Name for Your Website | SEOmoz

1. OriginsBefore I joined the company, the co-founders paid an upscale branding/advertising agency to help develop a logo and name. 2. Survey 1A handful of people, including myself, disliked the name. After some feedback from investors, we decided to open the issue back up before launching. We brainstormed for days, went back to original ideas, […]

Fritinancy: Seven Ways to Go Wrong with Naming

Picking a name “because it was available.” Of course you want to secure a presence on the Web. But believe it or not, domain registration is actually the easy part of naming. Here’s the key point: a URL, no matter how weirdly spelled, is not a brand. And it isn’t your story. Even if you […]