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Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back | freeCodeCamp

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back For several days not so long ago, — the domain name that I have owned and operated since March of 2010 — did not belong to me, but rather to a man who goes by the name “bahbouh” on an auction website called […]

GoDaddy accounts vulnerable to social engineering and Photoshop | CSO Online

“If [the attackers] wanted to be slick about it, they could gain access, insert their code, create backdoor admin accounts, and return access back to the original owner before they even knew what had happened. The owner would receive the confirmation email, see that their website is still online, and consider it a Phishing attack […]

My Website Was Stolen By A Hacker. And I Got It Back. | Ramshackle Glam

SO WHY AM I STILL ANGRY? Of course I’m angry with the person or people who stole the site, but that’s out of my hands. The reason I’m writing this post is to let people know that this really can happen – to anyone – and to offer suggestions for how to minimize the chances […]

What happens after domain names expire? | Go Daddy Help | Go Daddy Support

What happens after domain names expire? Date Submitted: 11-15-2012 Once a domain name expires, it goes through many stages before being released to the open market. Go Daddy sends five renewal emails to the domain name’s administrative contact prior to the expiration date. Below is a timeline based on .com domain names. NOTE: These timelines […]

Getting Paid for Premium Listings | Go Daddy Help | Go Daddy Support

Trying to figure out how to add payee acct. info to all Premium Listings rather than just one at a time. Here’s what support said: Thank you for contacting Online Support. You would simply need to enable your Payee account, this account will be used for any payout for any of your Premium Listings. Unless […]

Shouldn’t Sales Commissions Be Coming Down ? – Hybrid Domainer

Did domainers need this partnership at the expense of a 20 % commission ? I would say no as most domainers already have a Go Daddy account and can sell their for 10 %. The fact that there was no opt out to this program expansion has had some domainers pulling their names from Sedo. […]

Get Paid Faster With Go Daddy Premium Domain Listing Sales | Elliot’s Blog

According to an email from my Account Executive, there are now other payment options, which will help get sellers paid more quickly. In the email from Brad Larson, “we have sped up the payment process for the Premium Domain Listings sold on It’s ok to stop and smile. Instead of waiting to receive a […]

GoDaddy masks expired domain whois to prevent auction circumvention – Domain Name Wire has started masking contact information in whois records of expired domains in an effort to prevent people from circumventing auctions and bothering domain owners. The move, which the company announced today, is aimed at cutting down on email domain investors send to owners of expired domains. Domain investors see an expired domain auction for […]

If you are selling at Sedo and Go Daddy you need to read this forum thread – Hybrid Domainer

As of this week all Sedo’s Make Offer listings are now listed on Godaddy with a $60 minimum offer (Unless seller has a higher preset minimum offer) Read Article Since the beginning of the year Sedo’s Buy Now listings have been listed on Godaddy but not the Make Offer listings. Even if you haven’t signed […]

Quick Chat With Paul Nicks, Go Daddy Aftermarket – Hybrid Domainer

What is the current wait time to get paid for a premium listing sale, and why is the premium listing commission still so much more than the auction sale commission? Premium Listing payments are made within 45 days after the last day of the month in which the sale occurred. For instance, if a domain […]

More details about changes to Go Daddy’s 60 day lock – Domain Name Wire

Andrew sells Elliot for $1,000. I push the domain to his account within Go Daddy. Then, Elliot flips the domain to Frank Schilling for $50,000 a couple weeks later. Frank wants the domain transferred to his own registrar. Elliot can request that Go Daddy remove the transfer block in order to transfer it, but […]

Go Daddy suspending accounts of those who contact buyers after auction – Hybrid Domainer

Thursday night someone called me and told me a friend got their account suspended. Namepros member Steven22 posted on Namepros that he got his account suspended. Here is his post: “I just got called from my Godaddy rep and those idiots are suspending my GD auctions account because they think I had contacted the previous […]

How Go Daddy Keeps 52 Million Domains Running » Data Center Knowledge

PHOENIX – You may know Go Daddy primarily for its edgy and humorous Super Bowl ads. But when it comes to the Internet infrastructure supporting the 52 million domain names it manages, Go Daddy is all business. “We handle 10 billion DNS queries a day,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “A good chunk of […] Outraged Over ICANN Giving VeriSign Monopoly

“I personally don’t have a problem with VeriSign making a fair profit, but that’s not what we’re talking about here,” Parsons said. “I have a big problem with VeriSign’s windfall profits being accomplished outside of the free enterprise system in which the rest of us must compete. I find it particularly outrageous that because of […]

Are Go Daddy Premium Listings Still Necessary?

As you can see, the listings follow slightly different formats. The Premium listing allows a user to add the domain directly to their cart for purchase, whereas the Auction listing must first be viewed on a separate page The Premium listing displays the price in big block letters, whereas the Auction listing displays the price […]

This Site’s Domain is Stolen | CSS-Tricks

Friday 11:50 – Just got off the phone with GoDaddy Tony in domain disputes and Alon in customer service, I think. The current status is that they have already sent a request to PlanetDomain, and the next step is to wait for them to do the due diligence and get back to GoDaddy with an […]

“So I Did What Anybody Would Do” – Domaining IS Mainstream!

Why would you advertise your company during the Super Bowl if your target audience wasn’t average Americans? GoDaddy’s phenomenal growth over the last few years is evidence enough- domaining is mainstream! While the average person might throw their…

GoDaddy Launches Video Sharing Site announced with a Press Release that they launched, a new video sharing site. With the launch of the site, the site, GoDaddy steps beyond their normal operations of a registrar, so it is very interesting to see how they will fair co…

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GoDaddy Auctions Recently Sold Domain Names

Domain sales are the bread and butter of the domaining industry and the more data for buyers and sellers to see is a good thing. I recently spotted a page on GoDaddy Auctions where they list recent domain name sales in the last 30 days from their auct…