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Total domain name registrations surpass 200 million

Domain name registrations passed 200 million,according to Verisign’s third quarter Domain Name Industry Brief.Verisign reported 201,8 million domain name registrations. sells for $40,000 domain name was sold for $40,000 through the Sedo domain marketplace .The current registrant is Darren Jackson of Sydney, Australia.

Week of Low Value Sales Dominated by Sedo

Sedo took 18 of the top 20, and all of the top ten, positions in the
Domain Name Journal sales chart for the week to 25 July, although there
was only one sale above $100,000 for the week. The top sale was,
selling for $110,000.

Overstock Buys O.CO for $350,000 in First Big Premium .CO Sale

.CO announced it purchased the domain name O.CO from .CO
Internet, the official .CO registry for $350,000. The new domain name is
intended to enhance’s brand recognition and retention,
align with current marketing initiatives, and make it easier for
shoppers to find the company’s products and services online.

Bido is closing down announced yesterday that is ceasing operation as of today,May 5,2010 .

ReachLocal’s $100 Million IPO, Local Is All About A Sales Force

As I stated in the past article, local is hot and there are plenty of investors ready to commit their money into the local industry. covers’s recent $100 million IPO announcement. Even with all the geolocal technology co…

“I Bought It On GoDaddy, I Sold It On Bido!”

Relaxing on Saturday (not really), a number of quick thoughts and links below.

1. A friend, Bido member, yesterday told me this:

I Bought It On GoDaddy, I Sold It On Bido!

I thought to myself “wow, that’s pretty cool” and then I thought, how many other domains sold on Bido that were registered first on GoDaddy? The answer? Thousands.

2. Thanks Ron for the nice writeup yesterday.

3. Shane wrote the following article, “I Think Bido Has Turned the Corner“. Thanks Shane for the kind words. In our mind, we have not even started yet.

4. And finally, unrelated to domains, I got yet another traffic ticket today. Was doing 5 MPH on the way out of the neighborhood and was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. When the officer handed me the ticket he also handed me a coupon for a traffic school, “Five Dollars Off!”. Now I just wonder, how much do they get from that school to pass that coupon to you? Your tax money @Work. Unbelievable.

Have a great day!