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Have you renewed your .CO domains?

Seems that .CO domains need to be renewed AT LEAST 39 days before expiry, unlike other extensions. Which means if you have a landrush regs NOW would be the time to renew them to prevent expiry. Though it might be possible to renew them closer to expiry…

Sample Craig’s List Ad that Produced a Sale in New York City

The following advertisement that was placed in Manhattan found a buyer, which visited the domain on Sedo to purchase the domain. Since then, I made some adjustments on my sales approach to refer buyers to a third part domain sales platform. The sales p…

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That’s one day and only to the B’s.
Inquiries for Nov 21, 2010 (Nov 22, 2010)
By sales – Posted in
Domains, Inquiries |
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You don’t develop domains, you develop businesses.

I know a little about developing websites. I’d like to think that aeiou had essentially started the mini-site boom and I’ve had outsourcing operations in either Panama or the Philippines for more than a decade. If I’ve learned anything from all o…

A New Domain Name Record? Quinstreet Acquisition of $36.5 Million Dollars

Quinstreet (QNST) just announced today during its conference call that total consideration it paid for acquiring the domain name was $36.5 Million dollars.
$36.5 MILLION Dollars.
It does not appear from the conference cal…

Namejet: A Beehive of Trademark Violations

In my very early days as a domainer, not having much feedback or guidance from experienced professionals, I thought it was cool that I had registered the .com of an existing company that for some odd reason chose to use the .net
So nonchalantly, I did the obvious: contacted them and offered it for sale. The […]

Bill Clinton Knows Something About Domain Names

The William J Clinton Foundation announced yesterday that two former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush have rolled out a site for its Haiti relief efforts.
The Official Site is
Fortunately the foundation was smart enough…

The Hottest Tech Trend From The CES Show Is Slates: Wait Until You See What High Tech Company Owns The Domain

Out of the CES show this week the hottest tech items seems to be a tablet computer which is generally being referred to not only by the media but by the manufactures as “Slates”, in anticipation of Apple’s expected introduction of the iSlate latt…

One Challenge Accepted.

It’s hard to imagine a name that could fit our industry better than I’m sure we’ve all reached out to the current owners at least once inquiring about it.
Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve just secured the brokerage agreement on our own category killer,  This is in response to my challenge post […]

A Great Domain Name Is a “Signal of Quality”

Again from, the Jason Calacanis show. It’s a great show, and the experience of watching it live has turned out to be a little bit addictive. Check out #TWIST on Twitter. Jason is simply
In this aud…

You’re Going To Wind Up With A Dot Com

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s another Jason Calacanis audio clip from This Week In Startups, episode 29.
Jason on ‘Dot Com’
The context is a domain/brand a caller mentioned in a previous ‘Ask Jason’ segment.
Jason Calacanis: Isn’…

Domains Are Brands – Square Fever

I wasn’t the only one scratching his head when I read the TechCrunch story announcing Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new, very cool, credit card reading startup. It’s called ‘Square’. But the domain is Here’s Elliot Silver’s …

Dev Hub Case Study, Results In A 120% Increase In Revenues In Just 3 Months

Dev Hub just shared with me the results of a three month test of 50 domains chosen by the client a domain name portfolio holder.  As you can see from the chart’s below, over the three month test the domains that were previously just parked, went fro…