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For instance, a broker may be able to acquire a name for $10,000 and immediately sell it for $25,000. The broker would be able to agree to buy the name from the owner for $10,000 while the buyer is agreeing to the deal at $25,000. The broker would earn $15,000 on the deal, minus the […]

I Should Ask For $5 Thousand – My Favorite Domain Story Ever

John Reese photo by Ralph Zuranski
Unfortunately I don’t know which podcast this clip came from. There’s no intro or outro, it’s from an interview I stumbled upon through a search for John Reese after I heard about the $million dollar launch of …

Branding With Available Domain Names – A Case Study

When you have a ‘great’ idea, one of the first-actions you can take is to register the best domains you can find to brand the idea.
Even if you don’t execute, the perfect domain name may turn out to have some value later when someone else discov…

A Great Domain Name Is a “Signal of Quality”

Again from, the Jason Calacanis show. It’s a great show, and the experience of watching it live has turned out to be a little bit addictive. Check out #TWIST on Twitter. Jason is simply
In this aud…

Domains Are Brands – Square Fever

I wasn’t the only one scratching his head when I read the TechCrunch story announcing Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new, very cool, credit card reading startup. It’s called ‘Square’. But the domain is Here’s Elliot Silver’s …