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Why They Hate Us

From DotWeekly which was registered July 1, 2017 and was owned by Home Of Domains, has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains. The Genpact Cora trademark was filed on June 28, 2017. I have pointed this out on many situations. Trnames / Home Of Domains tracks newly filed trademarks and checks the terms as .com […]

Michelin Guide Obviously Not Happy About Prank Website, Michel In Guides – Website of the Day – Eater National

Oops: the good people over at the Michelin Guides did not register the domain name, or let it lapse, or something, and now it’s part of a soccer joke. A British prankster named Adam Mascall purchased the name for a mere £6 US $9.42, and then proceeded to put up what he is calling […]

The Best Evidence of Bad Faith Intent to Profit when Proving a Violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

So, here’s what you need to know if you’re a domainer who’s registering domains as part of your business, buying and selling domains as part of your business, and generally qualify as a “domainer”. Most courts really look hard at the rest of your portfolio in order to gauge whether or not you are a […]

Combatting cybersquatters | Campaigns & Elections

Political figures and organizations can face challenges in establishing trademark rights sufficient to obtain the transfer of a domain name under the UDRP. Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and former Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt both had UDRP domain name complaints denied based on their failure to sufficiently prove that they possessed trademark […]

Jeweler sues for cybersquatting – Domain Name Wire

Have it coming in spades, IMO. Thanks DomainNameWire for covering this. Jewelry company Tacori Enterprises has sued in U.S. District Court for cybersquatting. Tacori alleges pdf that is cybersquatting with at least six domain names: Tacori alleges that “is a serial cybersquatter who registers, uses, and […]

DELAWARE: The domain game | The Daily Times |

When Robert Hughes decided it was time to get his business on the Web, he figured the domain name ought to simply reflect the name of his business: When Angelica Clemmer opened her store in Rehoboth Beach, she had the same straightforward instinct, and decided on But when they went to register the […]

Domain name related to drug bust purchased | TCU 360 – with news and sports from the TCU Daily Skiff, TCU News Now and Image magazine

“It all comes down to what the intent in registering that domain name is,” Di Giacomo said. Di Giacomo said the university’s legal options, if they chose to try to stop the use of the domain, would depend on the how the domain was used and whether it was considered as fair use or cybersquatting, […]

How We Got Sal (

But why
According to the Whois info, was registered October 28, 2010. That’s only a few weeks after Google announced a $2M prize to Khan Academy as part of their Project 10^100 and about a month and half after Sal’s F…

Candidates, Squatters, and Gripers: A Primer on Political Cybersquatting and a Proposal for Reform

During last year’s election, were you hoping to read-up on Barack Obama’s abortion stance? Too bad, if you went to Obama It featured crossword puzzles and fantasy football rather than public-policy papers. Were you looking to volu…

Flickr + RSS = Flickrss

[Update: 122109 Did these guys beat me to it or what!, Can’t imagine the domain name is going to help them, but… great site.]
Hear me out now. Sure, one of the most obvious mistakes a domain noob can make is … [visit site to …

Authentic Story – How To Do CyberSquatting

On June 25, 2009 –  Omri Casspi “The First Ever Israeli Basketball Player In The NBA” was drafted in the 2009 NBA draft in NY city.
Omri was drafted in the 23 pick (First Round) by the Sacramento Kings.
Now let me take you to the beginning of…