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Why Domain Extensions Matter for Online Success | Interbrand

Can the right—or wrong—domain extension impact your brand’s online success?As it turns out, it probably does. The results of Interbrand’s U.S. study indicate that the right domain extension may be just as important as the right domain name when it comes to branding a memorable and effective web address. A few of the highlights from […]

Branding With Available Domain Names – A Case Study

When you have a ‘great’ idea, one of the first-actions you can take is to register the best domains you can find to brand the idea.
Even if you don’t execute, the perfect domain name may turn out to have some value later when someone else discov…

Do not build a brand on a .net domain

One of my domain regrets is not purchasing, but then again my foray into online business hadn’t begun until 2005 (a year after had been registered by a fellow Chris Guthrie). I have contacted the original owner twice…