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Domain Names Podcast Episode 30 – Do you want to sell that? |

This one is all about building to sell. It’s crucial that you have the end in mind whenever you buy a domain. Always have an exit strategy, even if it is to simply let go of those worthless domains you’ve been hoarding just in case. It’s time to face reality folks. Edwin Hayward via Domain […]

Bill McClure: How to Build a Successful, Diversified, Family-run Business –

Bill McClure is not a newcomer to the domain name industry. Years ago he bought and built and and then sold them to FTD. Over his many years of acquiring, building and selling businesses, he has learned one simple fact: You can always trust your family. Listen along as Bill discusses how he […]

Will Your Startup Do Better If It’s Easy To Pronounce?

I’m loving all the data coming out of behavioral science. It really does turn out we’re biased towards idiocy. Fortunately, by studying our biases we can keep ourselves from acting on them. A favorite source of fascinating and useful psychological …

“So I Did What Anybody Would Do” – Domaining IS Mainstream!

Why would you advertise your company during the Super Bowl if your target audience wasn’t average Americans? GoDaddy’s phenomenal growth over the last few years is evidence enough- domaining is mainstream! While the average person might throw their…

My Rule Is Something You Can Spell

Jason Calacanis & Steve Huffman
Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit and Hipmonk was recently the guest on This Week In Startups with Jason Calacanis. In this audio clip, Steve and Jason share their frustration with acquiring good dot coms and discu…

I Should Ask For $5 Thousand – My Favorite Domain Story Ever

John Reese photo by Ralph Zuranski
Unfortunately I don’t know which podcast this clip came from. There’s no intro or outro, it’s from an interview I stumbled upon through a search for John Reese after I heard about the $million dollar launch of …

Domains For SEO- Do They Still Matter? Kelvin Newman’s Take

A fun podcast I never miss is the Internet Marketing Insider from Great insights from the internet marketing trenches featuring Kelvin Newman and Andy White. I borrowed this clip from their recent Want a Sticky Website episode becau…