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Why They Hate Us

From DotWeekly which was registered July 1, 2017 and was owned by Home Of Domains, has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains. The Genpact Cora trademark was filed on June 28, 2017. I have pointed this out on many situations. Trnames / Home Of Domains tracks newly filed trademarks and checks the terms as .com […]

Amazon will shutter Quidsi, owner of | CNET

Amazon will shutter Quidsi, owner of The company confirmed Wednesday it plans to shut down its Quidsi business, after Amazon struggled to make it profitable over the past seven years. Bloomberg first reported the change. Amazon bought Quidsi in 2011 for $545 million. The business runs seven specialty retail sites:,,,, […]

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back | freeCodeCamp

Hackers Stole My Website…And I Pulled Off A $30,000 Sting Operation To Get It Back For several days not so long ago, — the domain name that I have owned and operated since March of 2010 — did not belong to me, but rather to a man who goes by the name “bahbouh” on an auction website called […]

Martin Shkreli keeps buying up the personal domain names of journalists who write about him | Business Insider

Martin Shkreli keeps buying up the personal domain names of journalists who write about him Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is trolling journalists who have written about him by purchasing the internet domains associated with their names.

My Website Was Stolen By A Hacker. And I Got It Back. | Ramshackle Glam

SO WHY AM I STILL ANGRY? Of course I’m angry with the person or people who stole the site, but that’s out of my hands. The reason I’m writing this post is to let people know that this really can happen – to anyone – and to offer suggestions for how to minimize the chances […]

Demand Media: Rise and Fall of a Content Farm | Variety

The idea with Demand was to marry two businesses: domain name registration and low-cost content production. The foundations were the acquisitions of, a provider of how-to tutorials, and eNom, a domain-name registration service provider. Early on, Demand used eNom’s 1 million generic domain names such as “3d-blurayplayers-com” to serve up relevant ads to people […]

Capitol Alert: Kamala Harris shutters 10 fake Covered California websites

“These websites fraudulently imitated Covered California in order to lure consumers away from plans that provide the benefits of the Affordable Care Act,” Harris said in a prepared statement. “My office will continue to investigate and shut down these kinds of sites. I urge Californians to avoid healthcare scams by visiting” Harris said her […]

I am a college student who is looking to start a simple…

I sold the domain name for $1500 to some woman claiming inexorably to want it for “just a personal homepage”. Ah well, I thought, I will probably never get around to building something for this particular domain anyway, might as well make a few bucks. A few weeks later, Mark Zuckerberg is on Web […]

Should A Startup Spend VC Funding On A Domain Name?

The ff Venture Capital portfolio is evidence of how much we believe this, e.g., our companies,,,,, and The awesome story of how CEO Joe Fernandez bought the domain is one of many reasons we were excited to lead the seed round in Klout.  I was formerly Founder/CEO of […]

Meet Page Howe, He Made Millions Selling 2 Of The World’s Most Expensive Domain Names In The Same Year – Business Insider

In 2002, Howe’s company sold all but 20 of the 4,000 domains. It kept and The following year, Howe began playing around on a forum for domain sellers, He’d scroll through all the names people didn’t want as he tried to cheaply build up his portfolio again. “There were maybe 15 good […]

Go Daddy Shares Insights On Domain Front Running – |

In fact, more than six percent of customer searches for available domain names are performed by more than one person each day. This overlap in domain name requests happens every day. As unique as customers believe their domain name ideas are, there’s more “innovation collision” than many people realize. With so many domain name registrations […]

Google Denied Claim to Domain Name | PCWorld Business Center was registered on Feb. 7 1999 by Christopher Neuman, who was 13 years old at the time, and has remained in his ownership until now, Neuman told the arbitration forum. He chose to register because he had become acquainted with another young software programmer named Justin Tunney, who used the online moniker “Oogle” […]’s domain power play: We want to control them all | Internet & Media – CNET News

If gets its way — and that’s still a big “if” — it will soon control 76 new domain extensions on the Internet. Most observers had expected the company to apply for .amazon and .kindle, but it seems that was just for starters: Amazon’s ambitions also include a host of generic terms, including the […]

Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity

Learn how entrepreneur Adam Dicker purchased more than 3,000 domain names related to reputation repair, including the most keyword-rich premium domain names – such as, and – and how he built his business into a $150,000-per-month venture. via Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity.

Domain Name Negotiation: Who Goes First? | Domain Shane

The series of events is a user sending an email showing interest. You then send them an email with a “thank you for the inquiry” seeking an offer. After the offer you then counter with the price you are seeking. That offer gives you a feel of the seriousness of the offer. While a few […]

Domain Names Podcast Episode 29 – No Brainer Tip | Domain Names – Domain Name News – Domain Names Podcast |

There’s a lot to talk about this week. is for sale on flippa, lots of domain news, and Ed shares his “no brainer tip!” via Domain Names Podcast Episode 29 – No Brainer Tip | Domain Names – Domain Name News – Domain Names Podcast |

Helping Communities Shop Locally – With Colin Pape

How do you leverage 8,000 domain names to create the largest buy-local network in the world?Colin Pape, president of, answers this question and more as he describes how he built – serving a town of only 16,000 residents – into a $100,000+ business, and is now scaling it across thousands of Shop[CityName].com domain […]

Anatomy Of $800 Offer To $20K Domain Sale

I decided to play hardball even more because I had now spent a reasonable amount of time working my way up to $10,000. I had a feeling that this is obviously a person working for a company because their responses stopped each day at around 5PM Central time. So I decided to press harder and […]

My Domain Names When I’m Gone

There are a couple of lessons in this I suppose. First, I like to have my best domain names renewed for a number of years in advance. At least this would buy time for whomever is responsible for my domain names when I’m gone. Second, you should have a continuity plan for your business should […]

Domain Guardians

Domain Legacy provides a safe and secure way to protect the future of your domain business in the event of loss, death or disabilityCreating your Domain Legacy Step 1: You outline your domain business and explain your wishes. Step 2: We draft a plan pertaining to your wishes and advise a strategy Step 3: We […]