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Another thing that popped into my head after reading Elliot’s posting was that out of the few dozen sales I have made through brokers, two were to buyers who had previously bought domains from me. One of these two repeat sales was for over $1 million and the other was for around $20,000. In both cases they were to contacts at these companies that were different than who I was usually dealing with. The brokers had no way of knowing this, so it was not their fault, I just was surprised by it. But, I was still happy I got the sales.

Overall I would much rather use a broker than try to find a buyer for a domain by myself. Elliot has a good list of domain brokers at The only thing I would add to it is that is also a good way to sell domains. I have found the sale prices to be on the low end, but if you are eager to sell, at least you will find some bidders. You can always set a reserve so it does not sell for less than you are looking for.

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