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Monthly Archives: December 2012

10 Frustrating Things That Happen in the Business of Domain Investing | Elliot’s Blog

Last second backorders by several people at NameJet on a domain name that had no bids Forum know it alls who only post when they can put down someone else $60 offers on SedoPrivate negotiations that are sent to auction on Sedo via 10 Frustrating Things That Happen in the Business of Domain Investing | […]

2012 – A Year of Failures | Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online: Domain Names and Making Money Online

Domain Parking – When I shut down my minisites, I switched all 5000 of my unused domains to Frank Schilling’s domain parking and sales service. So far the parking is making 4-5 times what I was making several years ago when I had the same domains parked. Their sales platform is good and easy […]

InternetTraffic becomes more flexible for smaller portfolios – Hybrid Domainer

With Frank opening the platform to more and more domainers that don’t possess the big time parking revenue the $500 threshold to get paid seemed daunting. Now that InternetTraffic has added a paypal option, I emailed John Smrekar and he told me that the min payout for Paypal is $100, even though the terms of […]

DomainNameSales Goes on a Tear With a Hand in  EVERY ONE of This  Week’s 11 BIggest Domain Sales – DN Journal $118,000 DomainNameSales 2. $115,000 DomainNameSales/DomainAdvisors 3. $57,500 DomainNameSales 4. $55,000 DomainNameSales 5. $40,000 DomainNameSales 6. $30,000 DomainNameSales 7. $27,500 DomainNameSales 8 $25,400 DomainNamesSales/DomainAdvisors 9. tie $25,000 DomainNameSales 9. tie $25,000 DomainNameSales/DomainAdvisors via DomainNameSales Goes on a Tear With a Hand in  EVERY ONE of This  […]

What kind of domains are selling for under $1,000? – Domain Name Wire

4. In other cases, the domains could have just as easily sold for $1k-$3k. These domains look like ones that I wouldn’t be surprised to see sell for more than $1,000: $865 $895 $688 $688 via What kind of domains are selling for under $1,000? – Domain Name Wire.

A shady domain broker practice – Domain Name Wire

The broker doesn’t really have a buyer for the specific domain, but wants to get the domain owner to agree to have the broker find a buyer for it based on this lie. Essentially, the broker uses the lie that someone is interested in the domain in order to get a “listing” from the owner. […]

Think longer when regging names to save yourself money – Hybrid Domainer

If you think its a name you are going to develop or hold onto for years then you can take advantage of the pricing at offers $10.99 registrations for .tv the cheapest in the industry. You can get that price for multi year registrations. If you only reg it for one year because […]

Tip To Find a Domain Buyer Contact Email | Elliot’s Blog

That said, it seems that most operational websites, especially those with an ecommerce component, have a privacy page. Many of these privacy pages are created by privacy policy page generators, which means many have one thing in common: a contact email address. This can be used to quickly and easily get in touch with the […]

Jamie Zoch Rebrands Zearn to Drop Alert | Elliot’s Blog

This evening, Jamie announced (via Facebook) that the platform’s name was changing from Zearn to Drop Alert. Based on his announcement, it would seem that someone acquired the domain name from him, and that was the impetus for the rebranding. Whatever the case may be, I personally like the move because Drop Alert sounds […]

10 Tools I Use Daily That Help Me Make Money | Domain Shane

3. I use this for one thing as well. To find out what other domains a domain owner has. Most people use the same email for all their domains. This will show you those domains……for free via 10 Tools I Use Daily That Help Me Make Money | Domain Shane.

Craig Agranoff: Domain Names, Trademarks and Infringements

Now the ABC-123 Toy Company owns the trademark for “ABC 123” and has decided to begin a new toy line under the name. They registered the TM a couple of years before, but have not been using it up to this point. When they go to register the domain, they see that the domain owner […]

What happens after domain names expire? | Go Daddy Help | Go Daddy Support

What happens after domain names expire? Date Submitted: 11-15-2012 Once a domain name expires, it goes through many stages before being released to the open market. Go Daddy sends five renewal emails to the domain name’s administrative contact prior to the expiration date. Below is a timeline based on .com domain names. NOTE: These timelines […]

Domain Name Drop Times and Partner Domains

Another favorite DotWeekly post salvaged from  It’s likely that some of this info has changed since 2008 posted by Jamie Zoch in March 3rd, 2008 Domain Name Drop Times .com & .net = 1:00-2:15 PM Central Standard Time .org = 8:30-9:30 AM Central Standard Time .info = 3:30-4:00 AM Central Standard Time .biz = […]

Expired Godaddy Domain Name Information

Jamie’s site, fell off the internet. Fortunately for us, I was able to find some of his posts available at Things may have changed since Jamie published this. posted by Jamie Zoch in February 3rd, 2010 Have you been watching a domain names expire date that is registered with the domain name registrar […]

Getting Paid for Premium Listings | Go Daddy Help | Go Daddy Support

Trying to figure out how to add payee acct. info to all Premium Listings rather than just one at a time. Here’s what support said: Thank you for contacting Online Support. You would simply need to enable your Payee account, this account will be used for any payout for any of your Premium Listings. Unless […]