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Monthly Archives: August 2012

And this is why I don’t buy domains on weekends! |

The seller, apparently posting from a hijacked member account, claimed that he was offering for sale the domain name Notice the capitalization; in lower case, the domain would be The buyer sent payment via PayPal, only to receive the domain name – or, in lower case. Clearly a scam, as the […]

Large batch of domains stolen from Norwegian domainer – How did they do it? | DomainGang

So how did the thieves do it? – along with several other domains that we will list below – had a Norwegian .no email address as the registrant, admin and technical contacts. The problem is, that domain was left to expire and drop; its holder, Rune Holte, was most likely unaware of this. Apparently, […]

Founder Of Buffer & OnePage on How To Name Your Start Up : “Domain Names Don’t Really Matter” | The Domains

“Just take a look at all these successful startups which either had a temporary domain name, or which still have a different domain name to their name:” Square was DropBox was Facebook was Instagram was Twitter was Foursquare was Basecamp is Pocket is Bitly was/is Delicious […]

Go Daddy Auction policy on 42 vs 45 days explained – Hybrid Domainer

Paul Nicks said, “On the 42nd day we will cancel the domain name if no other customer has expressed an interest in it via either the auction system or a Go Daddy backorder. If, however, a customer has expressed an interest via either of these platforms we will move the domain to their account on […]

Front Running: Debunking the Myth | Inside

In fact, more than six percent of customer searches for available domain names are performed by more than one person each day. This overlap in domain name requests happens every day. As unique as customers believe their domain name ideas are, there’s more “innovation collision” than many people realize. With so many domain name registrations […]

How I Make Money In Domain Investing Part 4: Which TLDs Do I Buy? | Domain Shane

I see it every day. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind most of the portfolios I receive that are for sale. Most of the names are pure gambling. Hoping and praying that someone will bail them out. If they would have taken those 300 domains they paid $10 dollars for and picked out one […]

Bidding in web domain auctions is not for the faint of heart – The Irish Times – Thu, Aug 09, 2012

The scammer who e-mailed me was, of course, trying to see how much I would be willing to pay for a domain, and then he would bid for it. But there was no way I was letting that happen – I was going to jump into that auction myself. In my case, I was dealing […]

Thieves steal company’s Web domain name | The Salt Lake Tribune

Someone from China using the name Baorui, it turns out, had gotten into Zmehrir’s Go Daddy account and taken over ownership of, the domain name for Zmehrir’s EZQuest Inc., a retailer of computer parts and storage devices. The thieves swiftly put the name up for sale. The ensuing three months have plunged Zmehrir into […]

Buy it now Vs Make an offer – Hybrid Domainer

I believe a balanced approach works best for most domainers. You look at names that don’t have tremendous upside and price them, those with a narrow focus, with comps in the same price range. I have sold quite a few and, I price all the names I still own because I feel confident […]

What is the Trademark Clearinghouse? » DomainConsultant

The Trademark Clearinghouse will be a single database of authenticated registered trademarks which will provide data to support trademark claims and sunrise services. It will only accept registration of trademarks that have been registered with the proper governmental authority or recognized by court order. The Clearinghouse will be operated by Deloitte and IBM and replaces […]

Some good forum threads to read – Hybrid Domainer

The How to find end users thread at Namepros started in 2005 and has over 2450 posts. This is a good thread to get acquainted with for those new to the business of buying and selling domains. Its a big thread that will take some time to get into and there are certainly some posts […]

Go Daddy Shares Insights On Domain Front Running – |

In fact, more than six percent of customer searches for available domain names are performed by more than one person each day. This overlap in domain name requests happens every day. As unique as customers believe their domain name ideas are, there’s more “innovation collision” than many people realize. With so many domain name registrations […]

WOW! Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Season is FAR From Over. But Listen “Thieves” We Are WINNING! – The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog………Home of the “Domain King”

I have reason to believe that there are a number of folks that have targeted a number of my .com domain names by building on other extensions and then thinking that their success would have an impact on gaining the .com. The same flawed thinking that got my buddy found GUILTY of being a “Reverse […]

Quick Chat With Paul Nicks, Go Daddy Aftermarket – Hybrid Domainer

What is the current wait time to get paid for a premium listing sale, and why is the premium listing commission still so much more than the auction sale commission? Premium Listing payments are made within 45 days after the last day of the month in which the sale occurred. For instance, if a domain […]

The Best Evidence of Bad Faith Intent to Profit when Proving a Violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

So, here’s what you need to know if you’re a domainer who’s registering domains as part of your business, buying and selling domains as part of your business, and generally qualify as a “domainer”. Most courts really look hard at the rest of your portfolio in order to gauge whether or not you are a […]

Mark Collier: The 17-Year-Old Who Correlated Domain Names to High Search Rankings

Many people openly state that exact match domain names are worth more because they can get your website to the top of the search engine results. But this commonly espoused belief has rarely been backed up by real data…until today. Seventeen-year-old wunderkind Mark Collier has not only secured a substantial amount of data from various […]

Thanks, FreshDrop! | Elliot’s Blog

I was analyzing dropping names at FreshDrop last night, when I found a name I once inquired about but didn’t hear back from the owner. I switched tabs to NameJet and I saw there were no bidders with about an hour before the deadline. I added it to my reminder list, and shortly before the […]

A couple things I would like to see NameJet change – Hybrid Domainer

NameJet allows certain people either due to the quality of their portfolio or the relationships they have made to sell through NameJet. That’s a nice feature and a way to keep members engaged with your platform.These names should not be just shown under pre release with no other notes in my opinion. Someone bidding should […]