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Monthly Archives: June 2012

More details about changes to Go Daddy’s 60 day lock – Domain Name Wire

Andrew sells Elliot for $1,000. I push the domain to his account within Go Daddy. Then, Elliot flips the domain to Frank Schilling for $50,000 a couple weeks later. Frank wants the domain transferred to his own registrar. Elliot can request that Go Daddy remove the transfer block in order to transfer it, but […] Opens Up Affiliate Program | The Domains

The program pays 10% of the Gross selling price of the domain on to the affiliate which sent the customer to The affiliate program places a cookie on the customer’s browser and gives the affiliate credit for 90 Days out on New Customer Referrals, meaning a someone who was not a customer of […]

Combatting cybersquatters | Campaigns & Elections

Political figures and organizations can face challenges in establishing trademark rights sufficient to obtain the transfer of a domain name under the UDRP. Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and former Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt both had UDRP domain name complaints denied based on their failure to sufficiently prove that they possessed trademark […]

Go Daddy suspending accounts of those who contact buyers after auction – Hybrid Domainer

Thursday night someone called me and told me a friend got their account suspended. Namepros member Steven22 posted on Namepros that he got his account suspended. Here is his post: “I just got called from my Godaddy rep and those idiots are suspending my GD auctions account because they think I had contacted the previous […]

Go Daddy’s 60-day transfer lock can now be removed | DomainIncite – Domain Name News & Opinion

From today, customers will be able to unlock their domains before the period is up, by contacting a special support team, according to director of policy planning James Bladel. For many years Go Daddy has blocked domains from being transferred to other registrars if changes have been made to the registrant contact information within the […]

Your Friday reading list: Links from Around the Web | Flippa Blog | Buy & Sell Websites

Close, but no America You may have noticed Mitt Romney’s Amercia gaffe yesterday. The misspelling made one domain owner very happy: John Chen (knowingly) bought the misspelled domain in 2009, and was surprised to see a sudden spike in his daily traffic. He’s now listing his domain on Flippa: you, too, could own a piece […] gets sold but Go Daddy will see no money – Hybrid Domainer

We posted over one month ago about why we stopped posting auction results, this week was the illustration of why. Brad was on the opposite end of the table when he won the same day the auction closed. Brad posted: “Well, I won and it was just renewed. It appears a forum […]

Finextra: Bloomberg and Reuters add domain name index to sites

Bloomberg and Reuters have both added the IDNX domain price index, which uses Sedo market data, to their Web sites. The IDNX has used real estate economic methodology to index more than 200,000 domain transactions since 2006 and, claims Sedo, shows strong correlation with broader economic indicators. This, shows “domains are as much an economic […]

Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity

Learn how entrepreneur Adam Dicker purchased more than 3,000 domain names related to reputation repair, including the most keyword-rich premium domain names – such as, and – and how he built his business into a $150,000-per-month venture. via Adam Dicker: Online Reputation Repair, Seizing a New Business Opportunity.