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Monthly Archives: November 2011

WeedMaps Acquires For A Kushy $4.20 Million | TechCrunch

Yes, really. General Cannabis Inc. has just announced that it’s acquired The company didn’t disclose the details of the deal, but we’ve confirmed that the acquisition price was $4.20 million. Naturally. via WeedMaps Acquires For A Kushy $4.20 Million | TechCrunch.

99 Domain Names, 99 Websites, 99 Days – A case study in why 110% matters

After my initial early success I only sold a few domains here and there over the next few months… but it was enough to keep me thinking I knew what I was doing. I wasn’t even actively trying to sell domains, just listing them on the bid/auction sites and domaining sites. Then things started to […]

Helping Communities Shop Locally – With Colin Pape

How do you leverage 8,000 domain names to create the largest buy-local network in the world?Colin Pape, president of, answers this question and more as he describes how he built – serving a town of only 16,000 residents – into a $100,000+ business, and is now scaling it across thousands of Shop[CityName].com domain […]

Snapnames: Sorry, the BIN is now $1,812 | DomainGang

Apparently, the issue rises from cross-listing of domains on other venues. As user silentg responded: [Snapnames] told me it was due to the partnership with Afternic. These expiring domains were listed at Afternic Premium Listing when they were expiring. So when the owner renews it, all those who had backorders on the domain at Snapnames […]

Using as a Negotiation Tactic | Elliot’s Blog

If you think you’re very close to a deal in a negotiation, but you’re just percentage points away from making the deal, you might want to try this sales closing tactic. Tell the seller it’s your final offer and let him or her know that you’re not going any higher. Set up the deal at […]

Anatomy Of $800 Offer To $20K Domain Sale

I decided to play hardball even more because I had now spent a reasonable amount of time working my way up to $10,000. I had a feeling that this is obviously a person working for a company because their responses stopped each day at around 5PM Central time. So I decided to press harder and […]

My Domain Names When I’m Gone

There are a couple of lessons in this I suppose. First, I like to have my best domain names renewed for a number of years in advance. At least this would buy time for whomever is responsible for my domain names when I’m gone. Second, you should have a continuity plan for your business should […]

Domain Guardians

Domain Legacy provides a safe and secure way to protect the future of your domain business in the event of loss, death or disabilityCreating your Domain Legacy Step 1: You outline your domain business and explain your wishes. Step 2: We draft a plan pertaining to your wishes and advise a strategy Step 3: We […]