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Monthly Archives: August 2011

One Thing I Learned During the Recession | Elliot's Blog

Instead of spending money conservatively on hand registered domain names, save up and buy one great name when it’s available. Put your money aside and wait until the right name is offered for the right price. There seem to be a whole lot more people …

MediaPost Publications Lamebook Keeps Name In Settlement With Facebook 08/29/2011

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HatTip to HybridDomainer
 Parody site Lamebook and social networking giant Facebook have ended their legal battle with an agreement calling for Lamebook to retain its name but add a disclaimer to its site.
“We are pleased to arr…

Patience Is a Virtue That Leads to Millions – with Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz, aka “Domain King” and “Webfather,” is the CEO, president and co-founder of T.R.A.F.F.I.C., a leading domain conference for the domain industry. He is also president, CEO and founder of, and a founding board member…

Why Domains Are “The Worst Investment I’ve Ever Gotten Into” – Domain Name Wire

Domain Investing: You buy domains that mostly have existing value that you think will increase over time. Only a small percentage of your portfolio is hand registered these days. Many of your domains get type-in traffic. The majority of your portfolio …

DomainTools Unveils Domain Name Research Tool – TMC Net

DomainTools Unveils Domain Name Research Tool ReverseMX.comTMC NetDomainTools, which specializes in domain name research and monitoring, has launched a new website called The website allows users to analyze MX and SPF record usage and co…

In The Post Of The Year Frank Schilling Says Gold Could Hit $6K An Ounce & Why You Need To Save Your Money & Why The Best Play On The New gTLD’s Might Be As A Registrant | The Domains

So the takeaway for you all is to sell more of everything NOW and save it, then have that cushion so you can buy some courage to change partners or try unorthodox methods if you need to next March.

A This And That From DotWeekly To Catch Up

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I hear you Jamie! Another way to look at this is: What am I missing out on by spending all this time chasing down average domain names?

Domain sales remains to be a Number Game! The more domains you have, the more offers and sales y…

What's in a domain name? – Global Public Square – Blogs

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Indeed, when ICANN started more than ten years ago, we were accused of commercializing the Internet. In fact, we were building an orderly market, setting policies for how much registries could charge, fostering competition a…

.:: Howard Neu :: Howard Neu's Blog :: The Internet Lawyer ::.

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However, he does a 360 on “Bad Faith” as follows:
“Here, the Panel considers that there is evidence of bad faith use of the Domain Name, as Respondent is using it for a parking page that diverts and profits from the traf…

PETA Plans A Porn Site

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Interesting. Has it come to that? Will .XXX enable porn-bait marketing?
So how pornographic will PETA go? According to Rajt, it will have enough adult content to qualify for the XXX domain site but also some other graphic images of a…

Bots are crawling new domain registrations and namesquatting Twitter handles | Ross Duggan

A couple of days later, I decided to grab the account to start playing around with the Twitter API – couldn’t believe it when I discovered the account had been nabbed. No updates, no avatar – just a squatter. It seems obvious in retrospect that s…

eBay Buys Domain, Purchase Story

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Ouch! I like to use phrases like ‘lowish four figures’ or ‘mid-low four figure’ in my responses so there’s wriggle room and subjectivity in interpretation.
The DNF Thread which states the seller got a $500 EUR first offer from eBay (…

Fritinancy: Truly, Madly, Domainly

The curious thing about naming trends is that none of the responsible parties ever thinks his name is a trend-follower. Oh no, every name is a true original! And ours is the best! Sure enough, when I singled out a few –ly names on Twitter, I got copy…

Blog About Your Own Domains For Sale

Well, as you can see from the above, 5 out of the 7 first results on Google relate to the domain name I have for sale! . The first two are my parking page (which have a for sale link at the top of), the second two are from blogging a…

An Especially Relevant Domain in Today's Economy – – Leads This Week's Sales Chart

Sedo went on sweep the first six positions
on our new all extension Top 20 Sales Chart, nine of the top
ten spots and 13 of 20 overall. Their roster included the three
domains that tied for the runner-up …

A Quick Way to Slash Your Go Daddy Premium Commissions By 33% – Domain Name Wire

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This worked great for me. The list you upload should just include the domain name, a comma, and then the price with no $ sign. Took me a bit, but the directions are very clear.
One of my readers emailed me about an easier way to redu…

Trend Micro picked by Go Daddy Group – Security – News & Features –

Cloud security company Trend Micro has been selected by the Go Daddy Group, a global provider of web hosting, domain name registrations and new SSL Certificates, to help them better understand and stay ahead of online threats.

Court Refuses to Return Seized Domain Name, Claims Shutting Down Speech Doesn’t Cause a Substantial Hardship « Censorship in America

In a cursory opinion issued today that left us scratching our heads, a federal judge has ruled that the government does not have to return a domain name seized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), because its seizure did not create a substant…

gtld-lifecycle.jpg A 14 Year Old Domain Is Taken in a UDRP Without A Registered Trademark | The Domains

Guys if you have a valuable domain name that is hit with a UDRP you HAVE to get a three member panel.
If you don’t this is what can happen