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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Adam Dicker Dishes on Domain Industry and DNForum – Domain Name Wire

Now by no means am I suggesting you don’t list your domain names for sale on other marketplaces. You should list them wherever you can to maximize exposure. The one thing I do suggest is you keep commission in mind when listing at all marketplaces….

nametoolkit's posterous – Home

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Awesome. The tool is interesting as well. Reminds me of of Panabee. But checking something like ‘standing desks’ shows how valuable exact matches are.
How many English words are left?
We ran a query using over 350,000 words to find o…

Microsoft Gets Into the Domaining Business By Listing Its Unused Domains on Sedo | Abdu Tarabichi

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Nice find. What’s with all the ‘hookup’ names?
For those folks looking forward to owning a piece of Microsoft history, Good Luck bidding and buying!  Well, if you can afford to pay a premium
My favorite domains are listed first an…

Master of Your Own Web Domain – In Charge – WSJ

Embrescia says Employ Media must pay Icann $3 for every dot-jobs address it sells, plus an annual fee of $30,000. Per its agreement with Icann, the company can only sell dot-jobs addresses to registrars like GoDaddy. It charges registrars a wholesale f…

Go Daddy poised to sell out to KKR and Silver Lake — Tech News and Analysis

Go Daddy, the largest domain registrar and a web hosting provider, is reportedly close to being sold to a group of private equity firms including KKR and Silver Lake Partners. The purchase price is about $2 – 2.5 billion, according to several ne…

Generic Domain Names Make Good Strategy but Bad Trademarks

The answer is perhaps less obvious with one-word domains (and famous brands) like and, but a recent denial by the USPTO (and its quasi-judicial review board, the TTAB) of a trademark registration application for “RADIO-INFO.COM…

9 Current Trends in Domain Investing I Am Seeing Develop | Domain Shane

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But in the comments…Nice spotting of trends. But from a seasoned developer’s viewpoint, based on what I’ve seen, the multiple of revenue to sales price on Flippa isn’t very strong.Most sites seem to go for 12-16x monthly inco…

Freeing of domain names may help cybersquatters – Times of India

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For the record.
ABC NewsFreeing of domain names may help cybersquattersTimes of IndiaBut the freeing up of domain names may open the floodgates to cybersquatting and online fraud on an unprecedented scale. This May, iPhone-maker Appl…

Evan Williams | evhead: Five Reasons Domains Are Getting Less Important

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Most of us aren’t Ev Williams however, preceded by a long history of success and the clout that carries. My point, again, is that I think a lot of startups are missing out on a great name, because they haven’t scoured the $2-3k range…

.:: Howard Neu :: Howard Neu's Blog :: The Internet Lawyer ::.

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Does the fact that Panelists now recognize parked pages as “bona fide offering of goods and services” suggest we are now BETTER off parking a page, than simply holding it?
However, the best part of this decision is “With respect to C…

Sedo Has a Million Dollar Week with Two Six Figure Sales – Domain Name Wire 10000 EUR 10000 USD 9000 USD 9000 USD 8000 USD 8000 EUR 6000 EUR 5755 EUR 5625 USD 5500 USD 5500 USD
7l… Sells $642k In Domains Led By For $22k | The Domains

Esther Dyson Calls B.S. On New Top Level Domain Names – Domain Name Wire

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The report interviewed Esther Dyson. Among her many experiences was being the founding chairwoman of ICANN.
So what did she have to say about new top level domain names?
“I think it’s ki…

Does this minisite look like a $1,200 a year site?

People say minisites are dead. I have said some minisites are dead. Turns out some minsites might not be dead after all. Take a look at Does it look like a site the earned $102.92 last month? No. The site is nothing special, a minis…

Monkey Says You Can’t Have This Domain Name – Domain Name Wire

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Wonder if lawyers had anything to do with this.

The company clearly knew the owner of registered the domain years before it started using its trademark. After all, the company registered because the .c…

9 Things You Need to Know About ICANN's New Top Level Domains

3. How Much Will Registration Cost?The evaluation fee from prospective applicants is $185,000. According to the gTLD Applicant Guidebook, a $5,000 deposit is required “at the time the user requests an application slot within TAS, and a payment of the…

F*ck You, Pay Me… | The Fromainer

The representative effectivley said…
“Hello, I see you are not using the domain name, I would like to acquire it on behalf of an organisation.”
To be honest I was pretty shocked to have receieved an unsolicited offer such as this so soon after ha…

Domainers: Here’s What You Need to Do Now That New TLDs are Approved – Domain Name Wire

1. Re-evaluate your non holdings. Although consumers may gradually get used to typing something in other than .com, that’s not necessarily good news for your .biz and .info domain names. Buyers of your alternative TLD domains will now have hu…

New Top-Level Domains Approved by ICANN

ICANN in it’s official announcement said today that it will soon begin a global campaign to tell the world about this dramatic change in Internet names and to raise awareness of the opportunities afforded by new gTLDs. Applications for new gTLDs will b…

So Why Does a Name With One Backorder Make In On To “Top 50 Backorder List”? | The Domains

I have talked to two general managers at about this and it still drives me crazy.
and still hasn’t changed.
If you backorder a domain at and you’re the only one to do so,  you still might very well make the ” …