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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Welcome to the world of cybersquatting – Industry

“I said if they wanted it they were more than welcome to have it, but then that fizzled out and they never got back to me.”
Fast forward four years and Marshall receives a large legal document from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO…

Nothing More Gratifying Than Seeing a Domain You Sold Fully Developed | Domain Shane

If you are wondering what kinds of names do I think make good apps or start up names here are a few of my favorite from my portfolio (all dot coms, I only do dot coms)

Do All GoDaddy Domains Go To Auction?

Shared by JohnH

Ever the sleuth. Jamie on the case.
The biggest discovery out of this, is that forced deleted domain names do not go to auction at GoDaddy.
It appears that a “fair amount” of domains get forced deleted, because I see a lot more than …

EXPOSED: Enom stores Account Passwords in Clear Text Format | Abdu Tarabichi

So, you think this is not a big deal?  Being able to send a password through email in clear text format means that the password is NOT stored hashed.  Password Hashing is a method of encrypting the password in the site’s database, and therefore pre…

Can’t Afford a Domain? You Might Be Surprised How Creative Some Sellers Can Be | Domain Shane

Most have one simple clause.  You miss a payment and the domain goes back to the original owner with no payback of what you’ve put in.  I’ve heard of payment plans as much as 5 years, others with a percentage of sales or profits, and a few chargi…

Baby’s 1st URL: 3 Reasons Why Buying A Domain Name For Your Child Is A Good Idea – Deborah Sweeney – MyCorporation – Forbes

Here are a few reasons why purchasing a URL early is all par for the “head start” plan:
1) Intellectual Property vs. Physical Property
Domain names are pulling a significant financial weight, moreso these days than ever before. An article on domain…

Godaddy Loses Appeal On Case Holding Them Negligent In Turning Over Ownership Of Domain Accounts | The Domains

Shared by JohnH

Holy Shyte! Unbelievable!
Baranowsky  walked  Wallace  through  every  step  that  she  needed  to complete to take control of all of account number 1165490, including all the domain names and email accounts that Jeff had pa…

Godaddy To Offer Free Private Registration June 1 Through 15 2011

Godaddy is running another private registration promotion – this time, from June 1 to June 15 2011 customers will be able to get free private registration for their domain purchases and transfers. There is no quantity limit and the offer is valid for…

How do I sign up for an account on Instagram? : Instagram

How do I sign up for an account on Instagram?

posted this on Apr-12 15:03

To register for Instagram, you must first download the Instagram app in the App Store on…

Tip for Buying Valuable Domain Drops | Elliot's Blog

After you’ve set your personal filters based on your preferences, I recommend having a look to see who owns the same domain names in different extensions. You should also use the Whois history tool to see who previously owned the domain name that is …

Frank Schilling’s Quickly Gaining Steam | Elliot's Blog

Clearly, not everyone is invited/welcomed to participate, and I don’t blame Schilling. I am sure the last thing he wants to do is become a service company, where he will have to deal with annoying clients. My assumption is only the people who have si…

Security Breach: Here’s How Expired Domains Expose You To Embarrassment (And Theft) – The Washington Post

This was because the previous owner of the domain name had left it tied to Google Apps. So Reyes went through the domain reclamation process, proved he was the new owner, and shabang, he was granted access.Once he signed in, the fun started. Google app…

How To Value Generic Domain Names – with Andrew Rosener

Hundreds of millions of domain names have been sold in the past, and millions continue to be sold and resold every year. Yet until today, there has been no standard methodology or formula for valuing a domain name.
Andrew Rosener has taken a brave step…

Amazon Buys The A.Co, Z.Co, K.Co And Cloud.Co Domains

Shared by JohnH

Wonder if .net could be revived with a similarly targeted awareness campaign.

Following in Twitter ( and Overstock’s (’s) footsteps, Amazon has picked up the domains A.Co, Z.Co, K.Co and interestingly enough…

Sedo Lands Portfolio of High Value Domains (,,,,, and More) | Elliot's Blog

Shared by JohnH

See Elliot’s post for full list. Makes me wonder if someone smells a bubble and this will be the first in a series of major portfolio listings.
Sedo domain broker Ryan Colby just listed a number of exclusive domain names for sale, an…

Frank Schilling Switches To Google Feed, Begins Offering Parking Services ( | Domain Name News

Aside from switching parking feed providers NAMedia is also allowing others to use this new feed. Schilling created a site at inviting people to apply for a “A no-frills domain monetization platform, for experienced type-in traffi…

Domain Negotiation Tip: Justifying Your Offer | Elliot's Blog

Shared by JohnH

This term ‘comps’ has come up quite a bit lately. I’m not familiar with it but assume it refers to ‘comparable domain sales’.
One thing I like to include in my negotiation strategy are favorable comps (using, DN Journ…

Domain Name Purchase-Sale Agreement

The information to be completed to use this template for a domain name purchase or sale is highlighted in yellow and surrounded by brackets – for example, [purchaser’s name] or [effective date]. Be sure to completely replace the content within the br…

Google AdWords Now With Domains In Titles – Search Engine Roundtable

Google AdWords Now With Domains In TitlesSearch Engine RoundtableBut now many many more people are seeing the test, where Google is placing the ads domain name at the end of the title portion of the ad. Here is a picture from Nilaye Thakrar of Workopol…

Godaddy Opens Up Registration Path Sales To Outside Registrants | Domain Name News

The change also means more than the added exposure and lower commission.  It opens up Godaddy’s registration path to all registrants at any registrar.  Godaddy auctions allow anyone to auction any domain from any registrar. Previously only Godaddy …